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NHS and Healthcare Case Studies

CASE STUDY - 20/03/2017

Transforming care for people with learning disabilities and autism

In partnership with four CCGs, local authorities, providers and service users, we took an in-depth look at how services for people with learning disabilities and autism were being commissioned and delivered.

CASE STUDY - 10/03/2017

Leading the way in the personalisation agenda

Since being involved in PHB early adopter sites, we have been working with NHS England, CCGs and other partners to drive forward PHBs.

CASE STUDY - 03/03/2017

Commissioning a national GP Health Service in partnership with NHS England

We have been working in partnership with NHS England to procure a national GP Health service.

CASE STUDY - 30/01/2017

Developing an Acute Mental Health Liaison Service

Arden & GEM led the co-design, development and implementation of an adult mental health liaison service across three acute hospital sites.

CASE STUDY - 23/01/2017

Making integrated care a reality for patients in Milton Keynes

Over a quarter of a million patients across Milton Keynes are now benefiting from more accurate, consistent and effective healthcare thanks to an ambitious and multifaceted programme, which has seen the implementation of a single integrated patient record system across the area.

CASE STUDY - 11/11/2016

Delivering coordinated, patient-centred and locality-focused services - Nottinghamshire

Community services in Nottinghamshire were fragmented, meaning patients experienced inconsistent levels of care and a lack of coordination between providers.

CASE STUDY - 31/10/2016

Delivering efficient, collaborative procurement services to NHS England

NHS England sought procurement support across its portfolio of directly commissioned services.

CASE STUDY - 21/10/2016

Understanding and managing spend on prescribing

NHS Lincolnshire West CCG approached NHS Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) to create a GP prescribing dashboard which would help the CCG and individual GP practices track spend on medicines.

CASE STUDY - 14/09/2016

Using logic models to support vanguard sites in developing new models of care

We provided intensive support around the development of logic models for vanguard sites, in partnership with Methods Advisory and the University of Kent (UoK).

CASE STUDY - 22/07/2016

Putting patients at the heart of designing services for LTC

Exploring the use of co-production in a whole system redesign, focusing initially on improving services for people with Long Term Conditions across Worcestershire.