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About Us

Our strong background and passion for integrated working across the social care, voluntary, community and health sectors makes us your ideal strategic partner. We can help you to build a health and care system focused on prevention, personalised care and innovative, collaborative new models for the way that health services are provided.

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Multi-award winning health and care systems support

As local health and care systems work collaboratively to deliver the priorities of the NHS Long Term Plan and provide the models of care needed to meet the needs of their population, Arden & GEM is uniquely placed to support this transformation journey.

With an NHS pedigree and a portfolio of work underpinned by rigorous, industry leading governance frameworks and quality standards, we can help you to navigate barriers to change and implementation challenges. Our ability to draw on expertise from over 900 staff, and a dynamic network of partners, enables us to anticipate where barriers might be met and to quickly develop practical action plans, which can overcome them.

Our broad portfolio of customers includes CCGs, STPs, ICSs, NHS England, local authorities, as well as care providers spanning primary, secondary and community care. This experience and scale delivers efficiencies we can pass onto our clients and provides the capacity and capabilities demanded by evolving healthcare systems.

To find out more, please click here for our Joined up solutions for delivering integrated care brochure