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NHS and Healthcare Case Studies

CASE STUDY - 05/10/2020

Managing the Windows 10 rollout in Lincolnshire

With Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 coming to an end in 2020, the two provider trusts and CCG in Lincolnshire needed assistance to move more than 7,000 devices onto Windows 10. Arden & GEM’s IT service successfully mobilised and delivered this programme of work.

CASE STUDY - 21/08/2020

Transforming the lives of babies with spina bifida through pioneering prenatal surgery

When NHS England Highly Specialised Commissioning sought to establish a service to provide pioneering prenatal surgery for foetuses with open spina bifida, a collaborative procurement project with NHS Arden & GEM CSU was initiated.

CASE STUDY - 17/08/2020

Delivering a medicines optimisation in care homes service for South Warwickshire

Arden & GEM’s MOCH team has supported one South Warwickshire care home by conducting medication reviews, reviewing care home systems and advanced care planning processes, providing training for staff and increasing multidisciplinary working.

CASE STUDY - 15/07/2020

Building the COVID-19 provider patient notification system

With a successful track record of building, deploying and hosting bespoke applications, Arden & GEM worked closely with key stakeholders to develop a central system to record COVID-19 patient notifications (the CPNS) in just five days.

CASE STUDY - 23/06/2020

Embedding social value priorities in a complex community services procurement

With the existing contract coming to an end, NHS Nottingham CCG needed to re-procure out of hospital community services for local citizens. Arden & GEM successfully led this collaborative and complex procurement which put a commitment to social value at its heart.

CASE STUDY - 09/06/2020

Project managing the merger of CCG finance ledgers

With an organisational merger facing the existing five CCGs in Norfolk and four CCGs in Lincolnshire, Arden & GEM provided specialist project management support to the senior finance teams in both health systems to merge their Oracle finance ledgers.

CASE STUDY - 19/05/2020

Piloting the use of paramedics in primary care in Dudley

Arden & GEM’s transformation team worked in partnership with Dudley CCG to develop an appropriate model of care and to design an evaluation process that assessed the successes, benefits and challenges of a pilot to use paramedics within primary care.

CASE STUDY - 12/03/2020

Using in-reach pharmacists to accelerate uptake of biosimilars

Arden & GEM’s medicines optimisation team identified an opportunity for South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to boost its QIPP savings plan by accelerating the uptake of biosimilars to treat rheumatological conditions

CASE STUDY - 06/03/2020

Developing a framework for long term ventilation

When NHS England needed support to deliver the national review of paediatric critical care and surgery in children, Arden & GEM was tasked with providing additional capacity and expertise to define the model of care, produce a framework and collate a range of best practice resources and case...

CASE STUDY - 04/12/2019

Achieving full business continuity assurance in Dudley CCG

As part of its duty to put in place robust business continuity arrangements to ensure service delivery, NHS Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) approached Arden & GEM to review and strengthen existing policies, plans and processes. Working closely with the CCG’s leadership and governanc...