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NHS and Healthcare Case Studies

CASE STUDY - 17/08/2021

Supporting SMEs to deliver effective digitally-enabled care

Arden & GEM’s digital transformation team worked with Tekihealth to develop their product, customer base and evidence base through a 12-month programme of project management, evaluation, and business and service delivery support, which has seen two successful pilots take place.

CASE STUDY - 27/07/2021

Supporting South Warwickshire PCNs with care home resident medication reviews

Arden & GEM’s MOCH team provided interim support to South Warwickshire PCNs by undertaking medication reviews for care home residents to improve safety, reduce hospital admissions and deliver valued support to care homes.

CASE STUDY - 28/05/2021

Providing clinical pharmacy support to Derbyshire Dales PCN

Arden & GEM’s medicines optimisation team was commissioned by Derbyshire Dales PCN to provide a team of clinical pharmacists to deliver consistent and effective medication reviews for patients across their practices.

CASE STUDY - 21/05/2021

System learning from the management of COVID-19

Three STPs in the Midlands commissioned Arden & GEM’s Effective Leadership Solutions team to undertake a system learning review focused on a series of key themes.

CASE STUDY - 26/04/2021

Reviewing board effectiveness for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

With an ambitious growth strategy to deliver, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health commissioned Effective Leadership Solutions to undertake an independent external review to ensure that its Board was operating effectively.

CASE STUDY - 23/04/2021

Undertaking a well-led review in North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Arden & GEM’s Effective Leadership Solutions team was appointed to lead a well-led review at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust focusing on leadership, engagement, governance and quality improvement.

CASE STUDY - 14/01/2021

Designing an organisational development strategy for NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG

When six CCGs planned to merge to become the single strategic commissioner for the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System, Arden & GEM’s OD Consultancy was tasked with supporting the development of an OD strategy with a focus on culture, structure and staff engagement.

CASE STUDY - 18/11/2020

Improving quality of life for adults with chronic pancreatitis

NHS England partnered with NHS Arden & GEM’s procurement team to successfully appoint four centres to deliver complex surgery for adults experiencing severe pain due to chronic pancreatitis.

CASE STUDY - 09/10/2020

Evaluating the national NHS RightCare programme

Focusing on the extent to which RightCare was achieving its objectives, how this was supported by the programme’s ‘theory of change’ and future potential changes, Arden & GEM’s service transformation experts designed a tailored evaluation approach.

CASE STUDY - 08/10/2020

Establishing urgent treatment centres in East Kent

When the four CCGs covering East Kent needed to procure urgent treatment centres to cover nine localities, Arden & GEM’s procurement team was tasked with delivering a complex and innovative procurement programme that would bring together a range of organisations in collaborative arrangements.