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Digital transformation and information technology (IT)

Digital transformation and the use of better designed, better connected technology is key to enabling improvements in prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment that will improve health outcomes and deliver cost efficiencies.

Realising the possibilities of digital healthcare requires systems to achieve a greater level of digital maturity which is underpinned by integrated care records, mobile digital health infrastructure, AI and automation, cybersecurity, cloud solutions and patient-facing applications. Digital transformation is not simply about technology – it is about adopting change management processes enabled by technology to increase the benefits for patients, clinicians and healthcare systems as a whole.

Our approach to digital transformation combines a deep understanding of local and national challenges with a unique network of technology partners and the provision of the essential underpinning IT infrastructure. Our solution subsequently draws on multidisciplinary capabilities across service transformation, IT and business intelligence.

Our support is provided across the whole lifecycle of transformation providing a range of services tailored to your needs:

  • Discover and design - understanding and analysing system challenges, identifying priorities and co-designing solutions to address challenges
  • Refine and develop - co-developing solutions to address challenges and utilising project and change management skills to deliver transformation
  • Implement and scale - optimising the solution and scale for digital operation, monitor for continuous improvement.

Our key strengths and expertise:

We have an experienced team of subject matter experts specialising in clinical systems, interoperability, programme management, change management, digital innovation, data and insights, and information governance.

Acting as a trusted partner, we support engagement between stakeholders and across systems, providing services across a large geographic footprint and supplier base, enabling resilience and structure to deliver a service that can be scaled across the region at a multi-ICS level.

Our diverse network of partners and alliances with leading industry organisations enables us to act as an innovator and incubator of digital solutions. We accelerate adoption across the health service through an agile approach to tests and pilots which can include facilitating clinical trials and use of ‘living labs’.

Service benefits

Our digital transformation and information technology service will help you to:

  • Utilise digital technologies and capabilities to improve process and drive digitally-enabled care
  • Define your digital strategy and set ambitions for digital transformation
  • Measure success and impact on key measures of performance, outcomes or cost
  • Understand your digital maturity and transformation journey
  • Understand how to design, deliver and implement large programmes and change across all elements of your system.


Arden & GEM is already delivering a range of projects at the cutting edge of digitally-enabled care. Find out more about our innovative work by accessing the resources below.


If you’d like to find out more about our solutions for digitally-enabled care, please contact us here: