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Workforce transformation, resilience and planning

The health and care sector’s collective ambition for greater integration and better care means that strategic workforce management is integral to ICSs delivering the vision for ‘one workforce’.

Our workforce resilience, planning and transformation service enables systems to implement a population and place-based workforce planning approach to improve the quality of care, as well as providing the organisational development required for system-wide collaboration and generating energy for change.

Our support includes:

  • Integrated workforce planning - workforce profiling to provide transparency, future needs analysis to understand capability and capacity at a programme, pathway and place level
  • Workforce strategy development – ensuring health systems have the required number of people, with the right skills and in the right locations to deliver their vision
  • Attracting and retaining resource – including specialist recruitment for hard to fill roles
  • Training, leadership and organisational development – upskilling workforces to meet present and future needs
  • Cultural development – utilising the Oxford Value and Stewardship Programme to create a culture of value-based healthcare and stewardship that supports delivery of the triple aim duty
  • System and organisational change management – supporting staff to adapt to new ways of working required to deliver transformation
  • Digital inclusion and readiness – improving digital enablement and literacy to enhance the use of technology and data insights in achieving sustainability
  • Workforce health and wellbeing – supporting staff recovery, health and wellbeing to aid integration and efficiency.

Our key strengths and expertise:

We combine extensive leadership development expertise with practical experience of what really works when it comes to workforce planning and transformation. We have worked with leaders across health and social care to develop the shared values, culture and behaviours required for true partnership working and system transformation.

As part of the NHS family, we work with a large number of health and care organisations across England. In addition to our in-house delivery, we also bring leading expertise from a range of specialist private sector partners.

Service benefits

Our workforce transformation, resilience and planning services will help you to:

  • Visualise the whole system in one place, at one time
    - enabling co-operative resourcing to improve pathways spanning multiple organisations
  • Ensure you have a correctly sized workforce, with the required skills and organised in the right way to deliver the best possible patient care
  • Enhance workforce culture to deliver integration and
  • Promote staff recovery and support health and wellbeing
  • Manage the transition of people across the system and support passporting 
  • Enable intelligence driven workforce decision making.


Arden & GEM is already helping healthcare systems to deliver Workforce resilience, planning and transformation solutions. Find out more by accessing the resources below.


If you’d like to find out more about Workforce resilience, planning and transformation please contact us here: