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NHS Business Intelligence

We provide business intelligence and data management services to over 40 ICBs, provider trusts, NHS England and local authorities.

In addition, we host data from all ICBs held within the National Commissioning Data Repository (NCDR) for NHS England Direct Commissioning.

Our service has been specifically designed to deliver actionable insight to support you in meeting your commissioning objectives.

We bring:

  • Effective, seamless business intelligence (BI) services that span the entire commissioning cycle. This includes capacity demand modelling, tariff road-testing and QIPP planning, giving you all the data you need to commission and manage services.
  • Nationally recognised data processing capabilities with robust processes in place to manage data access. Arden & GEM is an authorised DSCRO and we host data platforms on behalf of ICBs and NHS England, including the temporary National Repository (tNR).
  • Flexible and proactive resources to ensure you benefit from both local expertise and best practice. Our hub and spoke delivery model provides embedded analysts within client teams and expert analysts in our local and central intelligence hubs.
  • Athena, our unique business information tool which provides essential data to better understand local health requirements, drive efficiencies in your services, and improve outcomes for patients.
  • Relevant, user-friendly reports which include regional and national benchmarking data, statutory reporting and contracting analytics, as well as insight, contextual analysis and comparative information to support the interpretation of raw data.
  • Automated processes such as risk profiling tools that free up resources to do analysis and engagement work.
  • A robust contract performance management system, including early view of monthly performance against provider plans; secondary uses service (SUS) / service level agreement monitoring reconciliation (SLAM), early deep dives and reporting (contract actual performance against plan).
  • An experienced team, all of whom are trained in Information Governance including data protection and information security standards.
  • Arden & GEM is a designated DSCRO, Controlled Environment for Finance (CEfF) and Accredited Safe Haven. We have also achieved Information Governance toolkit Level 2 status.

All appropriate safeguards are in place to manage patient identifiable data and we can therefore support our customers across every aspect of BI and data management.

We have built a solid reputation as a provider of high-quality business intelligence, based on the efficient stewardship and processing of almost a third of the nations’ health data, and the delivery of information to support crucial business processes such as contract management.

We have the people, skills, processes, technologies and partners necessary to be able to anticipate and respond to the growing and changing demands of the health and social care system. We continue to develop our skills through our analyst network and communities of interest so we can continuously provide the latest expertise and insightful analysis.

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