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Consulting Services for Health and Care Transformation

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Our Consulting Services for Health and Care Transformation support bring together multi-disciplinary teams with subject matter expertise, system-level implementation experience and extensive knowledge of the latest evidence base.

We also provide single discipline advisory services spanning the breadth of the Arden & GEM service portfolio to meet your specific needs.

Our support includes:

Leadership and Organisational Development

Enabling systems to establish true leadership that creates collective accountability, working for the good of the population through:

Solutions for Public Health and Health Improvement

A specialist NHS public health team offering consultancy services to NHS organisations, local authorities and the voluntary and community sector covering:

  • Economic Assessment, Evaluation and Modelling
  • Evaluation
  • Evidence Reviews
  • Health Intelligence
  • Health Policy
  • Individual Funding Request’s Training and Support
  • Population Health Needs Assessment
  • Service Pathway Review
  • Stakeholder Engagement


Service Redesign, QI and Performance Improvement

Supporting systems to redesign and optimise services with a focus on embedding change within culture, processes and operating models.

Transformation Portfolio, Programme & Project Management

Highly experienced in the design, mobilisation, provision and transfer to ‘business as usual’ of Project, Portfolio and Programme Management Office (PMO) support for large scale/complex projects. Our proven, standardised approach – which has been externally accredited through certifications including ISO 9001 – has been successfully applied at local, regional and national levels.


Finance and Performance Improvement

Clear, achievable and costed opportunities for financial and performance improvement including:

  • Baselining, Benchmarking and Identifying
  • Demand and Capacity
  • Finance Transformation
  • New Models of Care
  • Procurement and Commercial
  • Resource Allocation
  • Single System Reporting
  • Temporary Staffing Efficiencies
  • Waste Reduction and Efficiencies
  • Workforce Efficiency Programme

“The Arden & GEM team recognised the need for excellent communication and remained focussed on solutions and good outcomes, with an end result of all local transformation plans being assured and deadlines being met.”

Joanna Yellon, Head of Assurance, Operations & Delivery at NHS England Health Services


Find out more about our multi award-winning Consulting Services for Health and Care Transformation team by accessing the resources below.


If you’d like to find out more about Consulting Services for Health and Care Transformation, please contact us here: