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Our Partners

We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of our customers, supporting them to deliver high quality health and care services which improve outcomes for their population.

Meeting this commitment requires a dynamic network of partners, each bringing unique expertise, perspectives, skills and knowledge to complement our established approach to multidisciplinary, collaborative working. Our partners range from global specialists – bringing experience from other countries and healthcare models – to the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector – with its strong local profile and relationships.

As one of four Commissioning Support Units (CSUs), we also work in partnership with Midlands and Lancashire CSU, North of England Commissioning Support and South, Central and West CSU to pool our expertise, experience and resources to deliver against the demands of larger projects.

You can find out more about the projects we are working on with our key delivery partners by clicking the logos below.

image for the NHS CSU Collaborative accreditation

NHS Commissioning Support Units

NHS Arden & GEM is part of the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) Collaborative which also includes:

  • Midlands and Lancashire CSU
  • North of England Commissioning Support (NECS)
  • South, Central and West CSU.

We work in partnership to share knowledge, spread best practice and operate at scale, successfully delivering national projects such as the Calculating Quality Reporting Service.

image for the Excelerate Technology accreditation

Excelerate Technology

Excelerate Technology is a technology and connectivity partner delivering global hybrid connectivity solutions for emergency services, public safety, healthcare, governments, transport and utilities.

We are working in partnership with Excelerate Technology and the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust to deliver the Hybrid Connex 'Digital Ambulance of the Future' project which aims to:

  1. Create a blueprint for the first fully connected digital ambulance
  2. Provide a whole range of new on-the-spot services such as diagnostics and remote specialist treatment
  3. Improve patient experience and reduce unnecessary conveyance to emergency departments.

Find out more about Excelerate Technology on their website.

image for the Health Innovation East Midlands accreditation

Health Innovation East Midlands

Health Innovation East Midlands connects and collaborates with health and care, the public, industry and research to discover, test and spread the best health innovation.

By working in partnership we will support the delivery of innovation through:

  1. Innovation, engagement and knowledge events
  2. Joint engagement across our shared customer base
  3. Providing leadership, strategy, data insights and digital transformation offers to industry partners.

Find out more about Health Innovation East Midlands on their website.

image for the PCC accreditation


PCC is an independent not-for-profit social enterprise that provides trusted, practical support to health and social care including training, development and advisory services.

Together we will focus on co-delivering:

  1. Innovation, engagement and knowledge events
  2. Primary care leadership and development
  3. Enhanced change management programmes.

Visit the PCC website.

image for the Social Value Portal accreditation

Social Value Portal

Social Value Portal supports organisations to measure, manage and report on the social, economic and environmental benefits they contribute to society through an industry-leading solution suite.

We share a common ambition to bring together partners from across the health and care sector - including the NHS, social care, public health, patients, research, third sector and industry - to embed social value through identifying, testing and spreading new technologies and better ways of working.

Find out more about Social Value Portal here.

image for the Social Value Quality Mark accreditation

Social Value Quality Mark

As a registered Community Interest Company, Social Value Quality Mark exists to create a fairer society and drive income towards organisations that operate in the interests of all. By recognising best practice and showcasing the benefits – from business growth to loyalty and retention – they inspire others to seek accreditation, too.

Together we will nurture and celebrate the highest social value standards in healthcare by:

  1. Developing the first UK-wide social value award bespoke to the health industry
  2. Delivering a series of educational webinars  
  3. Providing access to specialist support, resources and skills in social value.

Visit the Social Value Quality Mark website here.



By identifying partners with common aims and integrating their capabilities, we can co-develop solutions that optimise care pathways, increase performance and improve population health.

Interested in becoming a partner?

We are continually adding to our network of partners to meet the evolving needs of the health and care sector. 

If you are interested in finding out more about partnering with NHS Arden & GEM then please complete the Contact Us form below, including your area of partnering interest, and our Strategy and Innovation team will be in touch.