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Delivering the Triple Aim duty of improving population health, quality and value will require new models of care that drive integration and provide sustainable health and social care. Integrated Care Systems, and their component organisations, will provide the vision and strategy required to transform local healthcare, while effective clinical and corporate procurement will play a pivotal role in delivering excellent services for patients and best value for taxpayers.

We provide expert procurement and market management advice and support across Integrated Care Systems (ICS), and regionally and nationally for NHS England. By combining the strength of procurement expertise spanning Arden & GEM and Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Units, we enable health systems to achieve their goals for integration, collaboration and efficiencies, whilst navigating the required regulatory frameworks.

As part of the NHS family, we share your values and ensure patients and service users are at the heart of what we do. We continually invest in our staff and systems to deliver responsive, creative and best in class services spanning six areas:


Help with defining needs and future strategy, includes:

  • Gap and value analysis, risk identification and mitigation
  • Strategy and policy alignment
  • Market shaping and development
  • Net zero and social value commitments
  • Business Case and Bid development.

Identifying suppliers providing the best quality, value, price and service, includes:

  • Market engagement and selection
  • Sourcing to contract
  • Specialist advice, process and documentation development
  • Pricing strategy
  • Audit trail creation and reporting.

Collaborative and consolidated contract reporting and administration, includes:

  • Contracting support
  • Purchase to pay
  • Proportionate management and quality monitoring
  • Savings and investment management
  • Benefits tracking
  • Horizon scanning.

Acting as an independent critical friend in your system, includes:

  • Quality, financial and other technical management
  • Proactive problem solving and risk management
  • Managing business continuity
  • Contract consolidation
  • KPIs and benefits tracking
  • Managing contract mobilisation and close-down.

Helping you to understand spend and make informed decisions, includes:

  • Spend reviews
  • Benchmarking
  • Data gathering, contract registers and audit trail development
  • Category management approach and contract consolidation.

Building and transferring knowledge and skills on procurement and contracting best practice, includes:

  • Development of bespoke training packages
  • Virtual and face to face training
  • Team development and upskilling
  • Networking opportunities.


We support all procurement categories including healthcare services, workforce and corporate services, digital and ICT, pharmacy, estates and facilities management, and transport. Our procurement services are made in the NHS, specifically for the health and care sector and provide:

  • Comprehensive strategic and transactional procurement services which support cost-effective, patient-focused care and are delivered in line with regulations and statutory processes.
  • Diverse procurement experience from bespoke services for individual ICBs to large-scale NHS England programmes. Our team has a strong track record of working collaboratively with clients and potential suppliers to source sustainable solutions for health systems.
  • A strong background and passion for integrated working across the social care, voluntary, community and health sectors that is ideally positioned to deliver transformation and integrated healthcare.
  • An NHS pedigree and a portfolio of work underpinned by rigorous, industry leading governance frameworks and quality standards, we are uniquely placed to support your transformation journey.

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