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Communications, engagement and behavioural insights

Getting the basis of communication right is essential to maintain new behaviours as well as engaging key stakeholders in design, development and implementation stages to further sustain change.

We combine the skills of 100 industry leading professionals with market research and insight, knowledge of your local situation and national guidance to deliver an effective communications, engagement and behavioural insight service.

Our service enables effective patient communication and engagement strategies focused on improving population health, addressing inequalities, managing risks and reputation, deriving insight to inform improvement and delivering clear messages.

Our support includes:

  • Insight, engagement and consultation - system-wide strategy development for participation, stakeholder mapping and management, service redesign engagement, involvement analysis and reporting plus an insight service
  • Communications, editorial and media - strategy development and implementation, communication tools, communications audit, media monitoring, and media management 
  • Campaigns, creative and digital - brand evolution, websites and digital ecosystems, design and strategic campaigns
  • Equality, inclusion and human rights - statutory duty and supporting initiatives to tackle health inequalities
  • Freedom of information - send-to-end support for requests to maintain statutory compliance

Our support also extends to general communication and engagement services and support on specific projects such as ICB transition, population profiling and policy harmonisation. 

Our key strengths and expertise:

We combine our NHS, local authority and private sector experience across a range of operational and strategic services to provide capacity, capability and efficiency which can be mobilised at pace. Our work with stakeholders across multiple geographies and organisations enables us to share best practice, pool our resources and deliver a cost-effective, independent service.

As a team, we are responsive to customer needs, anticipating your evolving and future requirements and continuously adapting our service model to meet these.

Service benefits

Our communications, engagement and behavioural insights services will help you to:

  • Understand the experience of patients, public and staff to shape service improvement
  • Be aware of the best communication tools to engage your audience
  • Ensure all your information and communications are
    accessible by underrepresented and hard to reach groups
  • Develop a compelling and well-known brand for your service, system or organisation.




Find out more about our Communications, engagement and behavioural insight solution by accessing the resources below. Arden & GEM is already delivering Communications, engagement and behavioural insight solutions to healthcare systems. Find out more by accessing the resources below.


If you’d like to find out more about our Communications, engagement and behavioural insights solution please contact us here: