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Primary Care Digital Services

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Digital transformation and the use of better designed, better connected technology is key to enabling improvements in prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment that will improve health outcomes and deliver cost efficiencies.

Realising the possibilities of digital healthcare requires systems to achieve a greater level of digital maturity which is underpinned by integrated care records, mobile digital health infrastructure, AI and automation, cybersecurity, cloud solutions and patient-facing applications. Digital transformation is not simply about technology – it is about adopting change management processes enabled by technology to increase the benefits for patients, clinicians and healthcare systems as a whole.

Our approach to digital transformation within primary care combines a deep understanding of local and national challenges with a unique network of technology partners and the provision of the essential underpinning IT infrastructure. Our solution subsequently draws on multidisciplinary capabilities across service transformation, IT and business intelligence.

Our primary care digital transformation and information technology services

Our digital transformation and information technology services focus on four key areas of support:

Our digital baseline review enables organisations to understand what they need to do to deliver sustainable, efficient, digitally-enabled primary care.

Our reviews can be tailored to deliver the intelligence required to drive forward your digital journey with areas including:

  • Situational analysis and benchmarking
  • Demonstrating the ‘art of the possible’ through new technologies
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Service and pathway redesign opportunities
  • Organisational development for leading, coaching and managing digitisation
  • Identify financial savings
  • Learning points, recommendations and next steps.

Our digital first primary care service supports the transformation of primary care by promoting the implementation, understanding and improvement of digital tools within general practice.

Our support can enable patient access to appropriate and timely care while helping primary care to better manage demand, ultimately improving patient and staff experience. Our consultative approach includes:

  • Working closely with GPs, Primary Care Networks, , Providers, ICBs , Local Authorities, Voluntary Sector Organisations and technology partners
  • Supporting systems to transform ways of working, embrace digitisation and deliver the best possible care to patients in their community through digital technologies, process redesign and transformational change.

Working across a large NHS customer base and geography enables Arden & GEM to deliver first class GP IT and digital support services.

By operating at scale we provide access to both best practice and cost efficiencies compared to smaller providers. We deliver:

  • Excellence and innovation through optimised models of service delivery, planning, monitoring and deployment of core GP IT operating model requirements
  • Value adding additional services, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), N365 and clinical system optimisation
  • Introduction and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to review clinical free text notes.

Our leading-edge digitisation practices and process re-engineering solutions offer primary care organisations the opportunity to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of services for patients.

Our support in this area:

  • Supports systems to make optimum use of tools and technologies which maximise efficiency and quality such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Accelerates digital transformation processes
  • Provides versatile, skilled, innovative individuals and solutions to transform services.



Service benefits

Our digital transformation and information technology service will help you to:

  • Utilise digital technologies and capabilities to improve processes and drive digitally-enabled care
  • Define your digital strategy and set ambitions for digital transformation
  • Measure success and impact on key measures of performance, outcomes or cost
  • Understand your digital maturity and transformation journey
  • Understand how to design, deliver and implement large programmes and change across all elements of your system.


If you’d like to find out more about our Primary Care Digital Services, please contact us here: