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Header image for the current page NHS England Increasing Capacity Framework

NHS England Increasing Capacity Framework

The Increasing Capacity Framework is designed to create a simple and efficient solution for those looking to procure a variety of clinical services from pre-approved providers.

Please review the Framework Buying Guide for an overview of how the Framework operates.


  • NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts providing acute services
  • Integrated Care Boards
  • NHS England as commissioner of specialised services

The Increasing Capacity Framework allows:

  • a commissioner (e.g. ICB or NHS England) to put in place a contract with a Framework Provider; or
  • an NHS Trust or NHS Foundation Trust to put in place a sub-contract with a Framework Provider.

A Contracting Authority is able to award a contract or sub-contract to a Framework Provider by a direct award or by undertaking a mini competition.

The guidance is structured into a three-step process (select, confirm, award):

Step 1: Use the on-line Database to select relevant Framework Providers;
Step 2: Use the Direct Award or Mini-Comp Templates to confirm with selected Framework Providers if they can meet the requirement;
Step 3: Use the NHS Standard Contract or Sub-Contract Templates to award.

Increasing Capacity Framework Agreement – In scope services

  • The available Framework Providers, by site and service line, can be searched in the Framework Provider Database

  • The Framework provides the prices and any discounts offered by a Framework Provider in respect of Services for which the National Tariff specifies a national price and/or a best practice tariff and other non-mandatory published rate

  • To support Contracting Authorities the on-line database includes template forms that Contracting Authorities can tailor for use in a call-off process

  • Until 19 May 2021, Contracting Authorities will be able to place an NHS Standard Contracts or Sub-Contracts (as appropriate) for Nationally Priced Services by direct award to a Framework Provider that is able to undertake the required Services. The duration of any such NHS Standard Contracts or Sub-Contracts (as appropriate) must not be longer than 6 months

  • Throughout the entire term of the Framework, Contracting Authorities will have the option to undertake a mini competition for an NHS Standard Contract or Sub-Contract (as appropriate) for Nationally Priced Services or Locally Priced Services

  • Participating authorities can be assured that this Framework agreement has been subject to a rigorous, OJEU compliant process, thereby allowing them to either make a direct award or undertake a further competition with confidence.
  • Framework Provider Database (V2 live from 03/10/2022)
    • Notification information of V2 release
    • For Provider details in your area please click on the following link  (registration required)

    • This link will take you to an external site hosted by our Partners "AdviseInc"

  • Terms of use

  • System users

Organisation codes including Framework Provider and site codes must be consistent with information held by NHS Digital Organisation Data Service.

Framework duration

Framework agreements are due to cease on 20th November 2024.

Framework Providers

  • Should a Framework Provider wish to find out more about how to register and submit data to the NHS Digital Data Landing Portal please visit here
  • Information about how to submit Inpatient and Outpatient CD data to SUS can be found here 
  • Should a Framework Provider wish to utilise an XML supplier to submit data to SUS on its behalf then IuVo are known to provide this service. In this instance the appropriate individual to contact to explore this topic further is Lee Williams at IuVo
  • Should a Framework Provider (or an NHS Trust or NHS Foundation Trust purchasing services through the Framework) require new organisation site codes the following web link provides details of how to request new codes.

Framework reference number

  • NHS England – AGEM 41574.


NHS England IS Co-ordination team

Project stakeholders

  • NHS England Regional Teams
  • NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Integrated Care Boards.





If you require further information, please email increasingcapacityframework@nhs.net

Page updated: 21 March 2024