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NHS and Healthcare Case Studies

CASE STUDY - 28/06/2022

Supporting safe and effective health programmes for children across Derbyshire

Since taking on a county-wide service in 2015, Arden & GEM has developed a robust and responsive approach to monitoring and managing all aspects of the Derbyshire Child Health Information Service.

CASE STUDY - 06/05/2022

Launching the NHSE&I MedTech Funding Mandate for 2022/3

Arden & GEM and Midlands and Lancashire CSUs brought their combined engagement, communications and marketing capability together to design and deliver a MedTech Funding Mandate launch programme for seven new technologies.

CASE STUDY - 05/04/2022

Providing capacity and capability to support delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination programme

Arden & GEM has worked with four of the seven NHS England and NHS Improvement regions to provide flexible resourcing solutions that have played a vital role in supporting management of the largest vaccination programme ever delivered by the NHS.

CASE STUDY - 29/03/2022

Establishing the Increasing Capacity Framework to support COVID-19 recovery

To provide commissioners and trusts with a quick and simple route to contract and sub-contract acute elective care services, an innovative national framework – the Increasing Capacity Framework – was developed and launched in November 2020.

CASE STUDY - 22/03/2022

Conducting a rapid evidence review for shoulder surgery

When five Midlands CCGs wanted to better understand the clinical and cost effectiveness of shoulder surgery, compared to conservative treatment, Arden & GEM’s public health consultancy, Solutions for Public Health (SPH), was engaged to undertake a rapid evidence review.

CASE STUDY - 13/03/2022

Identifying opportunities to improve services via a clinical audit of commissioning policies

The Arden & GEM Solutions for Public Health (SPH) team undertook a series of clinical audits of clinical commissioning policies to support NHS Lincolnshire CCG to identify possible service improvements and efficiencies.

CASE STUDY - 07/02/2022

Supporting safe and effective delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination programme

The National Immunisation and Vaccination System (NIVS) has played a key role the in safe and effective implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, capturing real time data at the point of delivery for more than 11 million vaccinations in its first year of use.

CASE STUDY - 02/02/2022

Supporting an East Midlands healthcare commissioner through Judicial Review

When a healthcare commissioning organisation in the East Midlands needed independent support to defend a contested decision in a High Court Judicial Review, Solutions for Public Health undertook a multifaceted review of the case which played a fundamental role in the ruling.

CASE STUDY - 26/01/2022

Delivering robust decision-making by incorporating an ethical framework in commissioning processes

Arden & GEM’s Solutions for Public Health team supported NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG to develop and implement a new framework of commissioning principles which enabled them to make fair, transparent and consistent policy decisions.

CASE STUDY - 11/01/2022

Supporting Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in its ambition to become an outstanding organisation

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital commissioned Arden & GEM’s Effective Leadership Solutions team to undertake an independent well-led review that will help the Trust operate within an increasingly complex and changing NHS landscape.