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NHS and Healthcare Case Studies

CASE STUDY - 25/01/2023

Identifying efficiency and cost improvement opportunities for Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust engaged Arden & GEM's Finance Solutions team to investigate  areas of opportunity for efficiency savings to feed into an internal cost improvement plan and contribute to reducing financial pressures within the local health economy.

CASE STUDY - 20/01/2023

Understanding the impact of multimorbidity on the NHS

Arden & GEM’s Advanced Analytics Unit used the national segmentation dataset to deliver rich insight into the prevalence, range and cost of multimorbidity within the population.

CASE STUDY - 13/01/2023

Measuring health inequalities across the Midlands

To help health and care systems across the region gain a clearer understanding of health inequalities, NHS Midlands asked Arden & GEM to develop a health inequalities dashboard.

CASE STUDY - 10/01/2023

Growing occupational health and wellbeing services in the NHS

Leadership and OD experts from Arden & GEM’s Healthcare Solutions team supported the Growing Occupational Health and Wellbeing programme team in developing a national strategy and roadmap for NHS Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services.

CASE STUDY - 05/01/2023

Programme support for deploying Winter Access Fund schemes in South Warwickshire

When NHS South Warwickshire CCG needed support to deliver its plans under the Winter Access Fund allocation, Arden & GEM was tasked with providing project management expertise.

CASE STUDY - 04/01/2023

Delivering pharmacist-led specialist clinics for secondary care inpatients and outpatients

A large trust in the Midlands commissioned Arden & GEM’s clinical support service to provide specialist pharmacist resource to deliver diabetes and hypertension clinics at one of their hospital sites to help manage complex patients.

CASE STUDY - 21/12/2022

Improving allocative value decision-making in the stroke pathway

Arden & GEM’s Healthcare Solutions team provided training and support to enable the MSE stroke stewardship group to use the STAR process in value based decision-making.

CASE STUDY - 17/11/2022

Providing transformation support for Primary Care Networks in the Black Country

Recognising the fundamental role that PCNs have to play in shaping and delivering integrated care services, NHS Black Country ICB funded targeted primary care transformation support from Arden & GEM which could be accessed by their system PCNs.

CASE STUDY - 14/11/2022

Supporting the Primary Care Improvement Community to share best practice and learning

Arden & GEM’s Healthcare Solutions team supported the design and delivery of the sixth annual Primary Care Improvers Conference to help ensure content was professionally facilitated and of value to attendees from across the full primary care spectrum.

CASE STUDY - 11/11/2022

Using Robotic Process Automation to improve password security

Arden & GEM’s IT service used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to identify and manage weak user passwords which has resulted in a quicker, more efficient and more accurate process with greater transparency and reassurance.