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Delivering effective Urgent and Emergency Care

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Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) has seen unprecedented increases in demand over recent years. The latest data shows more A&E attendances than ever before, alongside ever-growing numbers of the most serious ambulance callouts.

To address this pressing challenge, NHS England has produced its ‘Delivery plan for recovering urgent and emergency care services’ for all health systems to adopt. This sets ambitious targets of ensuring 76% of patients are admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours by March 2024 and for ambulance response times for Category 2 incidents to reduce to an average of 30 minutes over 2023/24. With further improvements expected in 2024/25, many health systems have targeted UEC performance as a priority area.

Arden & GEM is currently working with systems across England to support their individual challenges and objectives. With vast experience in Urgent and Emergency Care, our multidisciplinary delivery approach combines a broad range of skills and capabilities which can quickly and effectively diagnose issues, before developing tailored solutions. These can range from advanced data analytics through to service transformation underpinned by best practice tools and techniques.

Our Urgent and Emergency Care support
Our support enables customers to both understand their current position and develop and implement innovative solutions which deliver against local and national targets. We can support the development and delivery of system recovery plans alongside all other aspects of service delivery, planning and assessment.

Our UEC support offer falls into six key areas:


Comprehensive programme redesign and delivery to support strategy development, delivery and emergency care processes and flow, ensure adequate governance and reporting and effective programme management.

  • Developing programmes that provide clear objectives, scope and structure
  • Developing a clear programme plan
  • Ensuring key stakeholder engagement
  • Establishing a PMO to ensure effective project delivery and reporting
  • Assessing and identifying goals and objectives to establish baseline expectations
  • Establishing milestone intervals and tracking performance against set goals
  • Establishing and reviewing project KPIs
  • Establishing a robust programme risk and issues register.

Capacity and demand management to ensure effective capacity utilisation and demand management ensuring all use of all pathways including alternative pathways are maximised.

  • Providing resources and capacity management to establish staffing requirements, creating budget plans, and defining roles and responsibilities
  • Developing strategies to leverage existing resources
  • Undertaking a full capacity ‘v’s demand analysis
  • Clearly identifying gaps in capacity
  • Identifying areas for effective demand management
  • Identifying additional resource requirements and recommending strategies to resolve identified shortfalls.

Transformational change to support effective and efficient service delivery and target achievement.

  • Managing delivery across the full project lifecycle from initiation, through planning, to completion
  • Monitoring and controlling the delivery of key project timelines and deliverables
  • Ensuring the successful adoption of change across the organisation using effective change models, communication plans, training plans and organisational development
  • Identifying other potential transformation change areas
  • Managing the risks associated with project change.
  • Promote a culture of continuous quality improvement.
  • Quality improvement - collection of data, identification of areas for improvement, and implementation of targeted interventions
  • Support in building strong partnerships and networks.

Governance and compliance approaches that form robust foundations for UEC projects and programmes of work.

  • Establishing project governance and compliance frameworks
  • Ensuring all stakeholders are informed and up to date with project progress
  • Establishing and conducting reviews of project governance
  • Ensuring all activities are compliant with legal and organisational policies.

Post implementation support conducted at the end of the project cycle to determine the appropriate levels of resources required to ensure ongoing success.

  • Assessing post implementation support requirements and strategies
  • Monitoring and tracking project performance
  • Ensuring any gaps or areas of future improvement are identified.

Service reviews and evaluations to obtain a thorough understanding of services being delivered, identifying any gaps and recommending improvements/changes.

  • Service reviews that enhance understanding, benchmark against comparable services and provide opportunities for further improvement
  • Formative evaluations to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement that can improve the quality and effectiveness of the programme of change
  • Summative evaluations that enable health systems to understand the full impact of change as well as future areas of improvement.

Why use Arden & GEM’s Urgent and Emergency Care support?

  • We are part of the NHS family, we understand your local and national challenges, share your values and desire to enhance population health, improve services and deliver sustainable use of NHS resources.
  • We provide access to multidisciplinary expertise spanning project/programme management, business intelligence/analytics, digital transformation, service redesign, finance, performance improvement, public health and clinical insight.
  • Our UEC support is already supporting health systems to increase capacity, tackle workforce issues, accelerate discharge from hospitals, expand services in the community, help the population access the right care first time and tackle unwarranted variation.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our Urgent and Emergency Care services can support your organisation to achieve the Triple Aim duty of improved population health, increased quality of care and more sustainable use of resources.

Get in touch with us at: contact.ardengem@nhs.net



If you’d like to find out more about our Urgent and Emergency Care support please contact us here: