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Flexible Resourcing

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In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, having the right people, in the right role, at the right time presents a significant challenge for health systems and their component organisations.

A competitive jobs market, lengthy recruitment processes, operational pressures and a need for specialist expertise to deliver short-term projects have all created demand for flexible resourcing solutions that can provide the capacity and skills required to deliver against challenging objectives.

Our flexible resourcing solution is specifically designed for the NHS, working with systems and individual organisations to find and mobilise high quality resources and multidisciplinary teams quickly and efficiently. We support workforce resilience by providing talented people with the skills and experience required to deliver projects and opportunities spanning a wide range of NHS organisations.

We work with a range of NHS organisations including NHS England, Integrated Care Boards and Provider Trusts who use Flexible Resourcing to deliver:

  • Experienced NHS practitioners - access to a broad range of candidates with extensive NHS and public sector experience
  • Multidisciplinary teams - provision of dedicated, high calibre, multidisciplinary teams tailored to meet individual requirements
  • Rapid mobilisation - mobilisation of resources at pace, focused on ‘right first-time deployment’ and inclusive of vetting, onboarding and administrative management
  • Access to scarce capacity and skills including project/programme management, business intelligence and analytics, organisational development and change management + many more.

Our support includes established processes to:

Our key strengths and expertise:

We provide swift and efficient access to additional resource, supporting your workforce resilience and providing specialist expertise to meet your individual requirements. We are committed to training and developing our flexible resourcing colleagues to support achievement of their learning and development objectives. This commitment, coupled with providing a safe and inclusive environment for our people, ensures we maintain a high quality and sustainable resourcing service.

Our flexible resourcing solution provides:

  • Workforce resilience for your organisation and the wider healthcare system
  • An established process for managing urgent need for additional capacity
  • Skilled resources to backfill roles where internal talent has been refocused
  • Rapid access to short term candidates that have already been assessed and vetted
  • Compliance with all requirements regarding NHS procurement and IR35.

Download our full Flexible Resourcing brochure here.

Get in touch using the contact form on this page or by directly emailing: agem.flexibleresourcing@nhs.net 

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