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Header image for the current page Integrated planning support for 2024/25

Integrated planning support for 2024/25

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National priorities and objectives for the NHS continue to focus on recovering core service delivery and maximising productivity.

National planning guidance for 2024/25 is expected to build upon key requirements from the past 12 months including maintaining an increase in urgent and emergency care capacity, increasing diagnostic and elective activity, and improving primary care access for patients. Ensuring alignment across these areas, to meet performance expectations, needs an integrated approach to planning that brings together strategic vision with operational reality.

At NHS Arden & GEM, we have established the Integrated Resource Planning Network to deliver this approach. By combining the Network with our wider multidisciplinary team of experts, we offer a support package that includes integrated business planning – across finance, workforce, capacity and results – and an ability to deliver these plans on the ground.

Our approach to integrated planning

We work in partnership with ICSs to deliver genuinely integrated planning for populations and pathways to the operational workforce and capacity level. This includes bringing together the ‘top down’ vision and priorities of the Integrated Care Strategy – informed by government mandate – with ‘bottom up’ operational business plans.

From completing initial planning returns to delivering on Joint Forward Plan objectives, our planning, intelligence, performance and productivity specialists will support you to manage and track the operational impact of executing your plans.

Our planning support offer

Our support offer is delivered across seven interconnecting areas to achieve key improvements for patients:

  1. Integrated planning
  2. Analytics
  3. Performance and productivity improvement
  4. Transformation delivery hub
  5. Project and programme management
  6. Workforce transformation
  7. Social value.

Click here to view more detail on each element of the support offer.

Why use Arden & GEM’s integrated planning support?

The power of experience
Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in all aspects of healthcare management. Leveraging decades of collective experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that your needs receive unparalleled insights and guidance.

Data-driven decision making
In the age of information, data is the key to unlocking success. By employing cutting-edge analytics and robust data management strategies, we look to empower organisations with real-time, actionable insights. Remove guesswork and replace with informed decision-making that drives better outcomes.

Technology platform
We utilise a state-of-the-art planning technology platform. It seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, streamlining processes and fostering collaboration. From resource allocation to scheduling, our technology ensures that every aspect of your business is optimised for maximum efficiency and security.

Understanding processes
Our team works closely with you to grasp the intricacies of your unique workflows. This in-depth understanding allows us to tailor our solutions to fit seamlessly into your existing governance routes, minimising disruptions and maximising the positive impact on your business.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our integrated planning support can help your organisation to complete the 2024/25 planning return and successfully deliver change initiatives to recover core services and maximise productivity.

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