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NHS Provider and Contract Management

Effective provider management plays a critical role in delivering efficiency, value for money and the best outcomes for patients.

Our vast experience of NHS contracting delivers analytical expertise in activity, finance and quality measures as well as providing effective performance management. Our data and analytics empowers commissioners and providers, we deliver the insight required to ensure that contracts are delivered within activity plans, identify and understand variance and effectively manage opportunities and risks.

We bring:

  • Broad contracting expertise across a range of providers and types of service including acute, non-acute, vanguards, Any Qualified Provider (AQP), mental health, care home and new emerging integrated care systems.
  • Strong relationships with commissioners and providers, founded upon a shared commitment to high quality, high performing services that create positive experiences for patients and users.
  • Rigorous performance management across the complex NHS system, based on our timely and thorough understanding of what is happening on the front line. We manage risk throughout the process to ensure you remain legally compliant, while supporting patient choice and safety.
  • An integrated approach, including establishing multidisciplinary contract teams and co-locating key officers within client offices to provide a seamless service, tailored to individual client needs.
  • Robust Contract Development Plans for every contract, listing the key tasks, milestones, planned date of completion, roles and responsibilities. Regular monitoring ensures you are kept abreast of any changes or risks.
  • Established processes to ensure contract cost sustainability through a range of tried and tested measures designed to eliminate unexpected cost variation.
  • A range of best practice tools to aid best value assessment; together with a clear process for action should poor value or poor performance be identified.
  • Clear, detailed and accessible dashboard reporting via our Business Intelligence tool, GEMIMA, to enable proactive provider monitoring and quality management.


We understand the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape, which requires innovation in contracting to meet the needs of new and innovative models of care. We have significant experience of managing these complexities and our skilled staff will undertake negotiations on your behalf to ensure your contractual objectives are delivered.

Our large geographical footprint and experience of what works well across a range of providers and service types, ensures our clients benefit from a true ‘at scale’ offer. This means you are always assured of the best advice and provided with innovative contracting solutions to support your strategic commissioning decisions. 


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