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Workforce Transformation Services

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The NHS workforce is facing unprecedented pressures, with healthcare systems experiencing a range of workforce challenges that have been exacerbated by the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has long been recognised that the NHS’s greatest strength is its people, but as demand for healthcare continues to grow, it is essential that our staff get the support they need to do their jobs effectively. By making the NHS a great place to work, strengthening and supporting leadership at all levels and ensuring health systems have the capacity and capabilities required to support patient need, health systems can be empowered to deliver efficiency, enhance staff retention and improve patient outcomes.

Arden & GEM provide strategic and operational workforce solutions that enable our customers to effectively deliver change which is underpinned by data and behavioural driven insights.

Our workforce transformation services
Arden & GEM provides data driven, digitally enabled strategic workforce services that enable systems and organisations to meet future population and place-based needs, including working across organisational boundaries. Our end-to end workforce services also deliver additional organisational development (OD) and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) interventions to support system change and improve service resilience.

Our workforce solutions fall into four key areas of service delivery:

Baselining your organisation or system workforce enables you to better understand who you have working for you, in what roles and where.

Our support includes identifying, collecting, processing and analysing data to inform decision-making related to your specific workforce challenges. We provide workforce baseline reporting templates and dashboards that can be customised to your individual requirements, including provision of analytical insight into your workforce and suggestions for improving resilience to meet both current and future organisational need.

Our services include:

  • Utilising ESR and/or other payroll system data to provide understanding of your current workforce
  • Creating dashboards at an organisation, system, service or geographical level that deliver intelligence and interrogation that can drive future workforce decisions
  • Time series data to demonstrate trends that can improve the accuracy of future modelling
  • Reviewing protected characteristics and demographics.

Our solutions empower you to look at key workforce metrics and deliver board level workforce reporting across multiple organisations and sectors.

Effective workforce planning ensures appropriate levels of staff are available to deliver efficient, safe, high-quality care to patients and service users.

We deliver a fully managed workforce planning service which simultaneously meets the requirements of clinical, operational, HR, finance and other stakeholders at ICS, organisation and service level. Our support includes:

  • Building on baseline data to create model scenarios to fit organisation, system, service or geographical requirements
  • Providing multiple option modelling spanning ‘legal minimum’ to ‘best in class’ as well as bespoke scenarios that fall within the likely financial envelope
  • Apportioning the required budgets and training needs against the potential models
  • Overlaying population health and other nationally available data sets (for example protected characteristics) to ensure compatibility within the system.

Our unique partnership with the Anaplan platform, linked to our bespoke inhouse reporting system, enables health systems and their component organisations to plan and model a range of workforce and talent strategies and scenarios to support delivery of their vision for integrated care.

Workforce strategy development supports systems and NHS organisations to address the staffing crisis and deliver a sustainable workforce model for the future.

Our workforce consultancy combines the skills of multi-disciplinary teams spanning our broad portfolio of service lines. We utilise data and insights to establish the priority programmes and services required to deliver your strategy. This will articulate the desired future state, current capacity, team working, digital adoption and demand requirements to deliver a discrete and realistic workforce transformation plan. Our highly experienced team of experts provide:

  • Strategic advisory and strategy development services
  • Workforce optimisation support
  • Transformation of operating models
  • Talent management solutions spanning both recruitment and retention.

Our bespoke workforce development consultations and interventions can also directly support development of new services, pathways or programmes of care that improve patient experience and deliver operational cost savings.

Implementing an agreed workforce plan can often require additional capacity and specialist expertise to effectively deliver the required transformation and benefits.

We provide implementation services that support system leaders with the workforce transition and change management required to deliver new structures and collaboratives for integrated care. Our solutions can be tailored to meet your individual challenges, with services including:

  • Specialist project/programme management to deliver the transformational change
  • Tactical HR support to manage change safely and minimise the impact on staff
  • Organisational development and leadership development support
  • Reporting and evaluation of the impact of change (including equality and diversity considerations).

All elements of our implementation support are already delivered to a range of NHS organisations which provides unrivalled access to expertise, best practice and scale economies.



Service benefits

Our workforce solutions are made in the NHS, specifically for the health and care sector and will help you to:

  • Increase visibility and improve understanding of the current workforce from an organisational, system, service or geographical perspective
  • Make more accurate predictions of the staffing required to safely deliver integrated services, future proofing strategic recruitment and retention activities
  • Analyse data and trends more productively (for example, understanding the impact of levers such as reducing sickness, increasing nursing staff, improving retention levels and lowering retirement rates)
  • Create strategies to address specific challenges that are negatively affecting resourcing within defined segments of your workforce
  • Enable realistic commissioning of services by ensuring the required workforce is available to turn your plans into reality.




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