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For the past decade, the Social Value Act has given public authorities a legal responsibility to contribute to the social, environmental and economic sustainability of their communities, and society as a whole.

The need to adhere to recent legislative shifts in procurement, combined with the NHS’s ambition to become the world’s first net zero health system, has placed social value high on the list of ‘must dos’ for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs).

As part of the NHS family, Arden & GEM is committed to playing our part in achieving a fairer, better, greener health and care system through pioneering the aims and principles of social value. Our social value and sustainability support can be tailored to meet your bespoke needs, reflect where you are in your social value journey and complement your existing programmes of work.

Membership of the Social Value Network

The Social Value Network has been established by NHS Arden & GEM to support systems and organisations in defining and delivering their social value ambitions through membership of a collaborative network with access to expertise, knowledge, tools and resources.

An annual subscription enables members to access and share knowledge and best practice through:

  • Members only meetings and events
  • The ‘Vault’ – an online platform to collaborate with colleagues on social value tools, templates and resources
  • Social value expertise from our Advisory Board
  • Mentoring and peer learning.

By forming a network, we can grow and share skills and experience within the NHS – and the wider public sector – which enables us to invest in our people, invest in our communities and invest in our planet.

Find out more about the Social Value Network on our dedicated website.

Strategy and Consultancy Services

Our strategy and consulting offer is designed to support organisations and systems in making progress against the five areas of the national Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) methodology, developed by the Social Value Portal: jobs, growth, social, environment and innovation.

This can include:

  • Coaching and mentoring support for leadership teams
  • Strategy and action plan development for sustainability, carbon reduction, social value and anchor institutes
  • Stakeholder engagement and reporting
  • Multidisciplinary delivery support against each theme – click here to learn more
  • Support to achieve the Social Value Quality Mark Health Award.

Social Value Quality Mark Health Award

We have worked with Social Value Quality Mark CIC, a leader in social value standards, to design and develop the first UK-wide social value accreditation bespoke to the health sector.

The Social Value Quality Mark Health:

  • reflects national health and care policy
  • responds to the needs, challenges and opportunities of the industry
  • distinguishes ethical, sustainable suppliers
  • recognises commitment to staff health and wellbeing
  • independently verifies progress against carbon reduction plans.

If you are interested in applying for the Social Value Quality Mark Health, please visit this website and quote referral code NHSAG in your application.

Why Arden & GEM?

  • As part of the NHS family, we fully understand national context, regulatory environments and local challenges
  • Our 1,200 strong multidisciplinary team brings together experts with a proven, track record of delivering strategic and operational support
  • Our dynamic network of credible, trusted partners provides specialist skills and capability
  • We have successfully pioneered social value and sustainability initiatives across the heath and care system for the past 10 years.


Please get in touch via agem.socialvalue@nhs.net to discuss how together we can meet net zero ambitions and achieve community benefits through a social value approach that puts people at its heart.

Join our FutureNHS workspace for more information and to access free resources.


Find out more about our social value and sustainability approach and expertise in the content below.