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Talent Solutions

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The demands of delivering sustainable and integrated healthcare have made recruitment of top-calibre individuals fiercely competitive.

NHS organisations must attract executives and senior professionals who can deliver the best possible outcomes for their population while simultaneously maintaining or improving the quality of care and value for money.

Our mission is to help NHS organisations find and recruit inspirational leaders who can succeed in complex, challenging and highly scrutinised environments. All of our recruitment is delivered by the NHS for the NHS - we are an in-house talent consulting team with a focus on assisting hiring teams to deliver 100% fulfilment of vacancies by improving candidate quality and flow. We utilise cutting-edge technology and market insight tools (including LinkedIn Recruiter) to deliver the most effective recruitment experience and to ensure we deliver the best candidates and recruits for every role.

As part of the NHS family, Talent Solutions understands your operating environment and shares your commitment to helping patients and taxpayers receive the best value for money.

By leveraging our NHS experience, we guide hiring teams through obstacles, provide expert guidance, identify the right candidates and assist you in successfully recruiting the people who can deliver your vision. Our services play a key role in improving organisational performance and inspiring system transformation. From clerical and administration vacancies through to Board level appointments, we are uniquely placed to best support your recruitment needs.

We deliver data-driven search methodologies that identify, attract, assess and select key talent first time, on time, within budget - using our tried and tested 5-stage process:

  • A recruiter will conduct an introductory/scoping meeting to discuss your role and ideal candidate.
  • In a time-scheduled process, we will help you plan, budget for, and facilitate hiring.
  • Decide on hiring stages, touchpoints and set an estimated time to hire.
  • Recruiters will pre-screen applicants and present shortlisted CVs for your approval.
  • Prepare applicant psychometric and personality profiles, if necessary.
  • Plan interview panels (formal or informal) and prepare candidates for their interview.
  • Throughout the process, we will maintain regular contact with all applicants. Our goal is to provide clear and timely communication to ensure a smooth and transparent experience for every candidate.

Our services cost significantly less than private sector recruitment agencies, making Talent Solutions an affordable and cost-effective way to hire the best talent.

Depending on the applicant's salary, and the level of support needed, our rates range from 8 -12% of starting annual salary.
Our specialist NHS knowledge and expertise allows clients to navigate obstacles, get expert guidance, find the best candidates and successfully recruit the right people to help deliver their vision for integrated healthcare. And with our competitive pricing, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for money.


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