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Header image for the current page Nursing Times Workforce Awards win for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals and Arden & GEM

Nursing Times Workforce Awards win for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals and Arden & GEM

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Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Arden & GEM CSU have been announced as co-winners in the Nursing Times Workforce Awards category for Best Workplace for Learning and Development.

The winning submission focused on a collaborative project between the Trust and CSU to deliver a leadership development programme for black and minority ethnic staff titled ‘Maximising your potential’.

A total of 50 people have attended the 12 workshop programme to date, which has included both theoretical and practical learning to develop leadership, change management, team working and presentation skills.

Commenting on the winning entry, the judges said:

“This is really innovative. This entry has replicable learning for other services and provides hope for those service users with protected characteristics.”

“This entry is inspirational and they have challenged the traditional nursing boundaries and the difference that they can make to patient’s needs. Reflecting the fact that this category was for the ‘best workplace’ it enthused the panel and demonstrates a workforce that is truly putting the patients at the heart of what they do and this made us want to work with them!”

The judges also commended the project’s cross-organisational collaboration, evidence of partnership working, strong use of data and global potential.

The Nursing Times Workforce Awards, which took place on Tuesday 22 November 2022 in London, recognised the best practice and the brightest talent in workforce planning including those making a difference in recruitment, retention, wellbeing and inclusion. You can read more about the winners here.

“We are delighted to have received this recognition from Nursing Times. We set out to design a programme that would provide support and leadership development for staff who would benefit from developing their skills further with the aim of creating a fair and equitable high-performance culture. Feedback from the programme has been overwhelmingly positive with several participants successfully achieving promotions following completion.”

Usman Malik, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Arden & GEM), Dr David Mathew, Learning and Development Manager (Arden & GEM) and Karen Pearce, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals)