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Norfolk Medicines Support Service

Service Background

Norfolk Medicines Support Service (NMSS) has been in operation since 2003. It is jointly funded between health and social care. The aim of the service is to put in place a pragmatic solution to assist a person to manage their medicines safely, effectively and as independently as possible.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the service is to assess and support patients 18 years or over who have been identified with a medicines management problem that cannot be resolved by the dispensing surgery/community pharmacy or any other healthcare professional under the requirements of the Equality Act (2010).


  • Patients aged 18 years or over
  • Patients registered to a GP practice in Norfolk
  • Patient is having challenges to independently manage their medication
  • Dispensing surgery/ community pharmacy have assessed the patient and unable to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act (2010).

The assessors are General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registered Pharmacy Technicians or Pharmacist who will visit patients at home and assess the patient on all elements of their medicine’s management including, but not limited to:

  • How their medicines are ordered and received
  • Their understanding of the purpose of medicines prescribed
  • Their understanding of the dose regime currently prescribed
  • Storage of medicines
  • Stockpiling of medicines
  • The administration routine
  • Adherence
  • Reminders/assistance currently in place
  • What level of care is currently in place, formal or otherwise?
  • Any side effects being experienced.

Consideration is also given to the patient’s living situation, their capacity, dexterity, and demeanour or any other factor that may contribute to medicines management. During the assessment the assessor will work with the patient to identify the most appropriate medicine compliance aid that will aid medication compliance.

On completion of an assessment the assessor will liaise with the medication supplier, and GP to ensure that the medication compliance aid request can be facilitated.

Ongoing support will be delivered from the team with follow up calls at 6 weeks, 6 months and 12 months.

NMSS Assessors have a strong depth of expertise and knowledge and will place the relevant intervention, which is best for the patient in order that the individual can remain independent, compliant and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

NMSS works closely with several different multi-disciplinary teams including GPs, community pharmacy staff, other community teams, other healthcare professionals, relatives, carers and any other support network teams all with patients consent.

To refer into the service, please download and complete the following forms ensuring you have obtained patient consent, and then email them to agem.norfolkmedicineservices@nhs.net . All forms MUST be completed before emailing to Norfolk Medicines Support Service to save any delay in the referral process.

Alternatively, if you are a local pharmacy that needs to make a referral, the forms can also be accessed via PharmOutcomes and emailed to us at agem.norfolkmedicineservices@nhs.net

Form 1 (Referral to Pharmacy/Dispensary - Difficulty using/managing medications)

This form should be sent to the medication supplier by the patient, relative, carer or community healthcare professional or any other on completion.


Form 2 (NMSS Referral)

This form should be completed by the pharmacy/dispensing surgery ONLY. It is only required when an ongoing referral to Norfolk Medicines Support is required. The initial referral form (Form 1) and independence assessment tool sheet should also be sent as part of the referral.


Form - Medication Independence Assessment Tool

This form should be completed by the pharmacy/ dispensing surgery.


Form - Registration for NMSS MAR chart

This form should be completed by the Care Provider and pharmacy / dispensary only.


Pharmacies can also access the forms via PharmOutcomes.

NMSS Clinical Framework details the purpose of the service and the knowledge, skills and attributes required for those working within the NMSS setting.

The purpose of the Framework is to provide a transparent and coordinated approach to ensure that all NMSS staff adhere to stipulated guidance relating to process and policies whilst undertaking administration or clinical duties on behalf of NMSS, including:

  • Regular peer and clinical review to identify areas of strength and define areas for improvement
  • Continued professional development and learning
  • Full Information Governance compliance
  • Open and transparent methods of communication to support reporting of incidents and safeguarding concerns
  • Review of performance and the sharing of good practice.

NMSS deliver a virtual training pack to carers who work in domiciliary care supported living, reablement, housing with care, day services.

This course is aimed at care and support workers who will need to handle and administer medication as part of their role. Workers should be working in a home care setting. Initial Medication Training is suitable if you have never done NMSS training before or want a full days’ knowledge and content.

We offer

  • Initial Medication (Home Care) Training
  • Refresher Medication (Home Care) Training

For further information to discuss course availability and costs please call 01603 257006 / 257007 or send us an email.

Gain an understanding of how to handle and administer medication in a person’s own home.

Norfolk Medicines Support Service deliver a virtual training pack to carers who work in domiciliary care, supported living, reablement, housing with care and day services.


To book or discuss course availability please call 01603 257006/257007 or send us an email 


Contact us

To find out more please contact us:

Email : agem.norfolkmedicineservices@nhs.net
Telephone: 01603 257006 / 257007

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00hrs


If you would like to find out about our Medicines Management and Optimisation service please click here


Find out more about our Norfolk Medicines Support Service by accessing the resources below.