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NHS Medicines Management and Optimisation

NHS organisations are faced with significant demands to ensure that patient outcomes are improved, there is better access to the right healthcare professional or service at the right time, reducing variations in prescribing whilst ensuring that efficiencies are delivered to contribute to the overall sustainability of the NHS and the Long-Term Plan.

We deliver a broad range of medicines management and optimisation services spanning primary care, secondary care, local authorities, care homes and regional NHS England programmes of work.

With in-house expertise through our team of pharmacists, pharmacist independent prescribers and pharmacy technicians from primary care, secondary care, community pharmacy, care homes, commissioning, academia, health and justice, we are able to encompass a broad skill mix to ensure that your needs are supported now and in the future.

We offer a strategic and operational medicines management service which ensures the use of medicines is optimised throughout the NHS.


Our support includes:

Support for the implementation of new services or changes to practice on a small or large scale, following a structured approach which is underpinned by effective stakeholder engagement and robust project management.

For example, we have been pivotal in supporting the implementation of services such as the Discharge of Medicines Service (DMS), and Community Pharmacy Consultation Scheme (CPCS) across ICBs.

  • Access to a team of experts with specialised commissioning and high-cost drugs experience, offering a full range of prescribing and medicines optimisation services
  • We provide support for local decision-making through the review and development of policies, and the implementation of policies through effective communications and engagement with stakeholders, training, and management of the patient database system, Blueteq
  • Effective data management solutions, to support cost effective prescribing in line with statutory guidance, alongside strategic advice.
  • Our experience of policy implementation and clinical audit delivers expertise in drafting, reviewing and implementing medicines related policies
  • We consider evidence-base along with local requirements to ensure that consistent, fair, and transparent processes are adopted by organisations.
  • We have extensive experience in the design, implementation and analysis of clinical and non-clinical audits to identify areas where prescribing quality can be improved
  • We can develop and tailor quality assurance frameworks and undertake quality assurance visits in a range of providers, where we deliver a blend of assurance to the responsible commissioner, whilst ensuring that appropriate recommendations are made through bespoke action planning.

Our team of experienced pharmacists and doctors are well-equipped to review and update your patient group directions, ensuring that they are accurate, up-to-date and compliant with current legislation and guidelines. We can also provide a pharmacist and doctor authorised signatory to ensure that your patient group directions are legally valid and can be used safely and effectively.

We offer a specialised service to support you in developing a pharmacy strategy that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our approach focuses on collaboration and stakeholder engagement to ensure that the strategy is aligned with your goals and objectives. We also conduct a thorough review of up-to-date published sources to ensure that the strategy is informed by the latest evidence and best practice. With our expertise and experience, we can help you develop a pharmacy strategy that is both effective and sustainable.

Our experience includes the provision of Pharmacist led specialist clinics which increases clinical capacity and improves patient access. We have undertaken clinics such as the implementation and switching of biosimilars, and the management of complex diabetic and hypertensive patients.

Specialist software solutions for both primary and secondary care to support cost effective prescribing in line with statutory guidance, alongside strategic advice, budget planning, implementation and prescribing data monitoring and analysis to support and improve medicines use.

Training for GP practice staff from our highly experienced and skilled team, and regular communication with surgeries and providers to ensure advice is accurate and that prescribing safety issues are managed in a timely manner.

Investigation and management of medication related incidents (for example, controlled drugs). Liaising with all relevant stakeholders, minimising risk, and embedding a culture of learning from incidents.

  • By visiting patient homes and undertaking holistic assessments on all elements of a patient’s medicines management, we provide a pragmatic solution that enables patients to manage their medicines safely, effectively and as independently as possible
  • For further information about the service, please click here.

Our key strengths and expertise:

  • We provide the efficiency benefits of at scale services, with a high level of expertise to ensure that best value is achieved for the NHS
  • Our work with local, regional and national organisations enables our clients to get best value for money and comply with latest policy guidance, while patients get the most from their medicines
  • Our varied customer base means we understand the issues and challenges faced within Medicines Optimisation across healthcare economies and we are ideally placed to support NHS organisations locally, regionally and nationally.


Find out more about our medicines management and optimisation services by accessing the resources below.


If you’d like to find out more about Medicines Management and Optimisation, please contact us here: