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Healthcare Engagement, Communications and Marketing

From digital marketing and campaign development to media relations and stakeholder consultation, our engagement, communications and marketing team provides a full range of services designed to get your message across.

We bring:

  • Dedicated communications support for your organisation, either on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, delivered by our experienced communications and marketing professionals.
  • Strategic guidance, communications planning and implementation to ensure your messages reach the right people, at the right time, in the right way.
  • Patient and wider stakeholder engagement and consultation expertise, designed to deliver the insight and evidence you need to support your clinical commissioning decisions and service changes.
  • A strong track record in social marketing, including engagement campaigns to effect changes in behaviours or attitudes around issues such as access to services or healthier lifestyles.
  • Graphic design and digital media capabilities, including in-house development of engaging animation videos, printed literature and social media content to promote public health messages.
  • Specialist expertise in planning and delivering internal communications to support change, such as restructuring or the mobilisation of new contracts.
  • Media relations expertise including proactive public relations, media training, reactive media handling and horizon scanning.


Our team combines NHS, local authority and private sector experience across a range of marketing disciplines, giving you access to specialist skills to meet your communications and engagement needs.

Our existing work across multiple geographies and organisations means we are able to share best practice, pool resources and deliver a cost effective, specialist service to all our clients.

“Increasing the understanding and use of NHS 111 and community pharmacies is critical if we are to alleviate the pressure on our A&E unit. The approach we’ve taken with NHS Arden & GEM CSU has worked really well and we are delighted with the impact this campaign has had.”

Dr Nicola Smith, Clinical Chair, Milton Keynes CCG

“Events and campaigns such as this are always beneficial to both patients and our wider health infrastructure. We appreciated the opportunity to obtain patient stories as a result of this activity and thank the CSU for working across agencies.”

Nicola Tallent, Senior Engagement Officer, Healthwatch Lincolnshire




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