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NHS and Healthcare Change Management

Transformation and complex change are a constant within the NHS. Successfully managing business change requires the right people, processes and technology to enable organisations to move from their current state to their future desired state.

Our business change solutions help organisations to transform, using our tried and tested five step change model to build an end-to-end or modular solution that tailors support, tools and techniques to meet your exact needs.

We can support you through the change process by identifying and managing the risks associated with change, and ensuring you remain compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements. Our specialists draw upon a range of tools and techniques such as Lean and rapid-cycle improvement methods to ensure that the change process is robust and use the Best Possible Value (BPV) decision making framework, logic model development and value propositions to enable results to be accurately predicted and measured.

Project and programme management

Whether it’s digitising processes, transforming organisational functions or improving productivity – projects and programmes need to be managed efficiently, flexibly and dependably to make life better for patients, staff and populations. Our project and programme managers are highly experienced, with up to date qualifications in a range of project management approaches including Agile Methodologies, PRINCE2 and MSP. We combine our knowledge of different approaches, with our first-hand experience of delivering health and social care change programmes, to design and deliver the right solution to meet your needs.

We have the flexibility and scalability to successfully provide project management at a national level, on behalf of programmes such as RightCare and the Global Digital Exemplars, and a local level, from service wide transformation programmes to supporting providers to implement new equipment.

Workforce planning and development

Effective workforce planning is essential for all organisations, but for those undergoing change, understanding your future resource needs is key to effective planning and delivery. Our HR and OD team is experienced in delivering workforce planning projects, covering both health and social care professionals, at provider, system and sector level. Our solutions include:

  • Creation of an overall workforce plan that encompasses an internal analysis (capabilities, roles, and skills), future needs (skills, roles, numbers, and timing) as well as external environmental factors that might influence your decisions
  • Support around major restructuring exercises for both clinical and non-clinical operations
  • Capacity planning and modelling
  • Drawing upon our continuous improvement expertise to design efficient, future-proofed workforce models
  • Team development and coaching.

Digital solutions

To maximise the potential benefits of a change programme, people and processes must be complemented with the most effective enabling technology. We can help you to get the right IT systems in place to support an engaged, motivated and productive workforce, who can work remotely while staying connected to their wider organisation. Through a process of audit and insight, selection, implementation and monitoring we can review your current systems and design a user-centred solution – including hardware, software and cloud services – to meet your evolving needs. With experience of trialling and introducing the latest innovation, we can also help you to adopt advances in technology from clinical decision support tools to Artificial Intelligence.

Merger and collaboration support

The Long Term Plan has set a clear direction for greater collaboration and integration which will require new models of care and new ways of working. For some, this will be achieved through Memorandums of Understanding and Network Agreements but for others this will require more formal organisational mergers.

With experienced multidisciplinary teams, a network of specialist partners and a strong background of working across the health and care system, we can support your merger journey by:

  • Designing organisational forms and operating models that optimise costs
  • Building alignment and a shared vision
  • Defining and meeting planned outcomes
  • Merging financial ledgers and designing new financial processes
  • Governance diagnostic and policy framework development
  • Skills audit and benchmarking of functions
  • Identify and share best practice.

Our business change solutions help organisations to transform, using our tried and tested five step change model to build an end-to-end or modular solution that tailors support, tools and techniques to meet your exact needs.

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about working collaboratively to meet you business change challenges.


Arden & GEM has unrivaled experience in supporting health systems to deliver effective and sustainable change. Find out more about our work by accessing the resources below.


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