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Black and Minority Ethnic Leadership Development Programme

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Workforce metrics demonstrate that black and minority ethnic staff are less likely to progress to senior positions. It is estimated that the underrepresentation of black and minority ethnic individuals across the labour market is costing the UK economy £24 billion per year. (McGregor-Smith Review).

A focus on black and minority ethnic talent development and retention provides NHS organisations with an opportunity to create greater levels of sustainable inclusion by addressing the social, organisational and psychological barriers restricting black and minority ethnic colleagues from progressing.

The Arden & GEM ‘Black and Minority Ethnic Leadership Development Programme’ has been designed to provide support and training for leaders, aspiring leaders and staff who undertake leadership roles and would benefit from developing their skills further. We can help individuals to unlock their potential and support your organisation to engage and empower black and minority ethnic staff - creating a fair and equitable high performance culture. 

The Black and Minority Ethnic Leadership Development Programme

To maximise efficiency and minimise costs, our training programme is delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams. Interactive sessions include group tasks and discussions, problem solving tasks, partner activities, coaching practice, audio/visual input, reading stimulus and individual exercises. Our training programmes are tailored to meet the individual needs of your black and minority ethnic workforce. We deliver up to twelve half-day workshops over a six-month period, for a maximum of 25 delegates per cohort, in the following areas that are critical to the development of your black and minority ethnic workforce:

Delegates can also be provided with small group or one-to-one coaching sessions that ensure they maximise learning and development. We also provide access to a number of professional networks to provide ongoing support and development. It is also possible to enhance programmes with additional modules supporting the NHS Leadership Academy’s Leadership Circle topics.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Our programme is based on the nine dimensions of the NHS Leadership Academy’s Healthcare Leadership Model. By participating in the programme delegates will deepen and widen their understanding of what it means to be an effective leader and how to influence, lead and manage others.
  • As a result of completing the programme, delegates will:
    • Build leadership resilience and confidence through the successful challenging of potential and perceived barriers
    • Improve accountability and engagement among their teams
    • Develop a coaching style of leadership in line with a wide range of leadership principles that are appropriate to the new world of virtual leadership
    • Understand their own impact and adjust their style for improved inclusivity and enhanced organisational culture
    • Understand their self-worth and how best to bring their best selves forward in the workplace and in interviews.

Download our Black and Minority Ethnic Leadership Development Programme brochure.



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