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Adult Social Care Client Level Data

Welcome to the Adult Social Care Client Level Data (ASC CLD) communication and information page.

The ASC CLD project is being undertaken by NHS Arden & GEM CSU in partnership with the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC).

A DHSC project was set up as an extension to the North West pilot areas, building on their successes of working to a standardised social care data specification and linking this data with health data to provide a more frequent holistic view of their system. Despite delays caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the client level data specification has been agreed in collaboration with social care data leads from 21 local authorities (LAs) who represent all regions in England and the Directions were published in December 2020 to allow ASC CLD data submissions.

The information within the links below is primarily focussed on:

  • Supporting local authorities with the onboarding and data submission process
  • Supporting and enabling organisations to access ASC CLD data on its own or linked to health data.

Please Note: You do not need to submit data for all the fields contained within the specification.

Where you are unable to complete a field leave it blank. In addition, if you can only submit the specification fields for some of your services in the first instance then that is also fine; other services data could be added in later submissions. We are looking for Local Authorities to submit whatever data they can – the importance at this stage is to get some data flowing.

Please use the step by step guide ‘ASC_Local Authority DLP registration guide’ for instructions and guidance on how to register for a DLP account.

N.B. The ‘Recipient Organisation’ in Section 3 of the DLP application form should always be North West DSCRO. Your ‘local’ DSCRO will be copied in to the submission by default.

If you require any more information or guidance regarding submitting data or having access to the data, please email: agem.adultsocialcare@nhs.net

For information regarding the wider remit of the programme, please email: socialcaredata@dhsc.gov.uk

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