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Header image for the current page Arden & GEM to provide population health support to Leeds CCG

Arden & GEM to provide population health support to Leeds CCG

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NHS Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit has been selected to develop a segmentation model and outcomes framework to enable NHS Leeds CCG to realise its vision for population health.

The successful appointment will see Arden & GEM support the CCG in meeting its ambition to establish Leeds as a healthy, caring city where people who are poorest improve their health fastest.

Andrew Imrie, Population Health Management Lead at Arden & GEM said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Leeds CCG to work alongside its population health planning team and population boards to review the current approach to population segmentation and establish the health outcomes that matter most to people.

“With experience of developing segmentation models and outcomes frameworks for other Integrated Care Systems, we will be sharing this experience and best practice with the Leeds health and care system, to inform their progressive approach to population health management.”

The first phase of the programme will test and refine the CCG’s existing approach to population segmentation, including a review of how the system is maximising its impact on health inequalities though segmentation. While the second phase will accelerate the CCG’s outcomes framework development process. Through a review of existing outcomes measures, exploring data availability, engaging with stakeholders and using tools such as regression and logic models, a new outcomes framework will be developed for each population segment focusing on well-evidenced, meaningful, person-centred measures.

The contract, which was procured via the Health Systems Support Framework, commenced in December 2021.

The appointment will build upon Arden & GEM’s existing relationship with Leeds CCG, having previously provided transformation and organisational development support to help the CCG and its system partners co-produce a new operating model.