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Header image for the current page The role and relevance of social value in transforming the NHS

The role and relevance of social value in transforming the NHS

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Professionals from across the health and social care sector were brought together by NHS Arden & GEM on Wednesday 6 March 2024 to unpick the role of social value in moving to a preventative, collaborative and resilient healthcare system.

In this insightful session, event host, Terry Huff, Productivity Lead at Arden & GEM and former CCG CEO, was joined by two passionate and highly knowledgeable experts, Becky Jones, Social Value Specialist at NHS Arden & GEM and Social Value Lead at the Social Value Network, and Richard Dickins, MD and Founder at Social Value Quality Mark CIC.

Becky started by covering what social value is and its importance for all public authorities, with specific consideration of:

“We are committed to increasing our social value and helping other organisations to increase theirs.”

Becky concluded by outlining what we need to do to create a movement of change and how the Social Value Network can support organisations and systems with this transformation. More information on the Network is available here.

Richard introduced the Social Value Quality Mark (SVQM) Health Award which aims to nurture and celebrate the highest value standards in healthcare.

“There is a plethora of supply chain partners who want to understand and support your social value proposition.”

After summarising the benefits of accreditation in supporting social value understanding, action planning and measurement, Richard went on to explain the organisational journey from bronze level to the new silver level. You can find out more about the SVQM Health here.

A final Q&A session focused on indexing social progress, the mechanics of spending contract finances, bringing staff on board and evidence collection.

The full set of presentation slides is available here.

Our next social value event will take place in April, covering how to achieve organisational and individual buy in. Register your interest in attending future events by emailing agem.socialvalue@nhs.net