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Header image for the current page National segmentation resources to support health and care systems

National segmentation resources to support health and care systems

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National segmentation resources, produced by the Population and Person Insight project, are helping to build the foundations for wider population health and person-centred analytics.

The Population and Person Insight (PaPI) project – a collaboration between NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Data, Analysis and Intelligence Service, NHS Arden & GEM CSU and Outcomes Based Healthcare – aims to support commissioners and providers in developing new models of care by accelerating the use of population segmentation. The project will produce a series of person-centric resources in the following areas: data, information, analysis and decision-support.

The first resource developed by PaPI is a national segmentation dataset, available to NHS England and NHS Improvement analyst teams, to enable a better understanding of population health needs and trends to support forecasting and planning.

The person-level dataset uses national data sources to categorise the population according to health needs. Four years’ worth of data is translated into segments and subsegments, based on the Bridges to Health population segmentation model, with condition registers for each of the 51 subsegments. The segmentation dataset is available in the National Commissioning Data Repository (NCDR) data warehouse.

It has already been used to the support the COVID-19 pandemic response including calculating estimates of magnitude for risk factors and comorbidities, identification of vulnerable cohorts and understanding excess mortality within segments.

The second resource in development is a national segmentation report. The ‘Population and Person Insight Dashboard’ is an interactive tool containing a series of views so that users can easily explore and interrogate segments at a national, regional, system, CCG and PCN level.

The report is currently available as a 'proof of concept' dashboard, with feedback on functionality and design currently being incorporated into a second iteration which will be released on the NHS ViewPoint portal in early February.

You can find out more about the project and the resources developed so far on a dedicated Future NHS workspace.