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Header image for the current page Digital Learning in the NHS: Hear from our IT team

Digital Learning in the NHS: Hear from our IT team

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Arden & GEM’s Clinical Systems Training team will be speaking at a digital learning event this September to share their experience of shaping learning to meet the needs of clinical system users in primary care.

Taking place on Wednesday 29 September, the lunchtime webinar ‘Digital Learning in the NHS: working together for a better future’ is being hosted by Me Learning in partnership with the Healthcare Innovation Consortium. The virtual event aims to support the NHS to get the full benefit of the multiple technology systems used through increasing understanding, examining current barriers to learning and exploring solutions and opportunities.

Sue Ogden, Information Management and Technology (IM&T) Manager at Arden & GEM will be sharing how the adoption of elearning is helping the organisation provide clinical systems training to over 500 GP practices across a diverse geographic area.

“As a provider of complex IT solutions, we want to ensure our clients receive the very best support service from us, and that includes training. By moving our core training modules to an innovative digital learning solution, our trainers are then able to focus virtual training on the areas where our clients need more detailed and specialist support.”

Sue Ogden, IM&T Manager at Arden & GEM

NHS professionals can register for the event, which takes place between 12:00 and 13:15, here.