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Driving behaviour change though social marketing

Health messages come at us thick and fast. Whether it’s eating more fruit and veg or eating less sugar, exercising more or drinking less alcohol; the key to successful social marketing is cutting through the noise to influence an individual to change his or her behaviour. Going beyond awareness raising to behaviour changing.

Our social marketing team has a strong track record in delivering a range of behaviour change campaigns including increasing flu vaccine uptake, reducing smoking prevalence during pregnancy and reducing the impact of wasted medicine on the health system.

This autumn we have been sharing our approach and insight at two industry events; the LG Comms Public Health Academy, which took place in Leeds on 19 October and ‘The Future of NHS Communications and Marketing: the importance of social marketing’, which took place in Birmingham on Tuesday 21 November.

Speaking at both events, Senior Social Marketing Lead, Jack Linstead shared our proven approach to campaign management which involves:

Hear more from Jack in our latest video.