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Data Accreditation

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Clinical Systems are powerful tools that enable General Practice to access secure, electronic information which reflects the NHS vision of a ‘one patient, one record’ model of healthcare.

When used at its optimum, this clinical software system provides GPs with an opportunity to improve efficiency as well as supporting delivery of data quality standards and ensuring CQC  compliance. However, many practices do not have access to the skills, knowledge and best practice required to utilise the system and fully realise the benefits available.

NHS Arden & GEM’s IT team provide experienced SystmOne and EMIS professionals that can work with your practice to grow understanding of the system, implement its full capabilities and deliver recommendations and actions that will deliver tangible benefits for your operation.

Data Accreditation service

Effective use of your Clinical System within your Practice provides an opportunity to deliver significant efficiency gains. Our team of Clinical Systems experts provide Data Accreditation services that incorporate training, data quality, best practice and individually tailored support. This clinical and administrative refresh of your Clinical System is delivered at both an audit level of ‘use’ and at a training level, which helps support Data Accreditation being achieved.

Based on your individual requirements, a dedicated trainer will be allocated to work with your Clinical System administrator to deliver an accreditation that is built around your organisational needs and maximises the benefits available across four areas of service:


The benefits:

  • Optimise usage of a tool critical for delivery of effective primary care
  • Drive standards that ensure all appropriate Data Accreditation regulations are met by best practice data entry and maintenance quality techniques
  • Support your practice with delivery of CQC compliance
  • Improve the effectiveness and motivation for your key personnel through personalised training

Download our Data Accreditation brochure.


If you’d like to find out more about Data Accreditation, please contact us here: