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Specialist NHS Analytics for Clinical Pathways

Changes to the commissioning environment will require a greater focus on the clinical pathway as experienced by the patient, identifying pathway compliance with relevant clinical service specifications, deviations from the ‘ideal’ pathway and opportunities for pathway improvement.

Arden & GEM has created a dedicated clinical analytics expertise to help meet these requirements. Pivotal to the provision is the linkage of multiple datasets and clinical registry content to enable illustration, through data, of the clinical pathways experienced by patients.

The analytics created focus on clinical pathway representation rather than individual clinical events. Analytical staff involved in this provision develop subject matter expertise in the clinical areas that they represent so that they can easily identify outliers and opportunities for service transformation.

The clinical analytics provision benefits:

  • NHS England Programmes of Care and Clinical Reference Groups requiring oversight of the clinical pathway of patients accessing specialised services
  • Those developing clinical service specifications or new specialised services
  • Clinical Networks wishing to benchmark local service provision
  • ICBs needing to develop service transformation plans.

The following dashboard is an example of an output developed to allow stakeholders to understand the flow of patients within and outside of any specific ICB. It helps to understand how far patients are travelling to access services, identifies potential gaps in service provision etc.

The report can be accessed via the National Commissioning Data Repository (NCDR).


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