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Header image for the current page Wellbeing Wednesday webinar series: A focus on financial health

Wellbeing Wednesday webinar series: A focus on financial health

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Arden & GEM teamed up with financial awareness experts, Eulogie to offer a series of free lunchtime webinars to support NHS employees, and their families, understand more about their financial health and wellbeing, in particular the impact of recent changes in circumstances due to COVID-19.

Arden & GEM’s Organisational Development (OD) Consultancy works with a range of healthcare clients, and their employees, to promote and maintain staff wellbeing. We have developed a virtual programme to support individuals to take care of their wellbeing, as people experience worry related to COVID-19, working from home and possible changes to their circumstances.

We believe staff should have an understanding of their finances throughout all stages of their working and non-working life. Our weekly wellbeing webinar series was designed to support health and care staff to deal with any short term changes in circumstances, as a consequence of the coronavirus epidemic, as well as think about their long term financial situation as national economic recovery begins.

The ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ webinar series took place at from 12pm to 1pm each week, with the following topics covered:

You can view recordings of all the session on the Wellbeing Wednesday Webinar Series playlist on our YouTube channel.

The webinars were hosted by Arden & GEM’s OD Consultancy, with speakers from Eulogie; financial awareness experts who work with NHS Employers as part of their Total Wealth Planning Chartered Financial Planning Team.



If you would like more information about the webinar series, or to be added to the invitation list for future sessions, please email agem.od@nhs.net.