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Header image for the current page Wellbeing webinar series: Taking control of your finances

Wellbeing webinar series: Taking control of your finances

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Following the hugely popular financial wellbeing webinar series, which took place earlier this year, Arden & GEM’s Organisational Development Consultancy will be repeating the series for anyone who missed this first time around.

The programme is designed to support healthcare staff, and their families, to deal with any short term changes in circumstances, as a consequence of the coronavirus epidemic or a recent life changing event, as well as think about their long term financial situation as national economic recovery begins and seasonable spends is on its way.

Arden & GEM’s Organisational Development (OD) Consultancy works with a range of healthcare clients, and their employees, to promote and maintain staff wellbeing. The webinar series is part of a wider virtual programme to support individuals to take care of their wellbeing, as people experience worry related to COVID-19, working from home and possible changes to their circumstances.

Many workers may have experienced changes to circumstances over the past few months. Some staff roles may have changed, some retired staff may have returned to work and some staff may be thinking about retiring earlier. Partners may be furloughed or there may have been a family bereavement.

These sessions will help attendees understand the impact of these changes on their financial wellbeing now and for their future financial health:

Wednesday 26th August, 11-12 noon
Planning for ill health and death: Bereavement payments, estates, legacies, wills and power of attorney.

Wednesday 2nd September, 11-12 noon
Financial awareness for those with an income (wages plus other) of over £80k per annum.

Wednesday 9th September, 12-1pm
Making the most of salary sacrifice, staff benefits and investments.

Tuesday 15th September, 12-1:30pm
Everything those aged 30+ need to know about pensions.

Wednesday 16th September, 11-12noon
How coaching techniques can help you with your finances.

To learn more about the webinar series or be added to the invite list for future sessions, please email agem.od@nhs.net