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Header image for the current page Welcome to the latest issue of Digital Horizons – the future of healthcare

Welcome to the latest issue of Digital Horizons – the future of healthcare

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With the technology and digital agenda already at the heart of discussions in 2019, following publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, this issue of Digital Horizons focuses in on a number of areas that will be integral to delivering identified priority areas.

We take a look at the work already underway to propagate Local Health and Care Records, as well as initial findings from the Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme evaluation.

With a continual focus on how the prevention agenda can be supported through the use of apps, we also hear from a project to bring the tried and tested Easychange offer from Scandinavia to the UK. This portfolio of digital self-care applications includes a range of programmes from smoking cessation to stress reduction.

And finally, we will also be hearing from the NHS Digital cyber security team on how the Data Security Centre can support health and care organisations to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data while protecting clinical and business systems from vulnerabilities and threats.

Click here to access the latest issue as an interactive pdf

We’re always keen to share our thinking and understand your ambitions, so whatever your digital healthcare challenges, we’d love to engage in an exploratory discussion with you. Get in touch via email at contact.ardengem@nhs.net