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Header image for the current page Reimagining planning for the NHS event

Reimagining planning for the NHS event

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There couldn’t be a bigger burning platform for a better way to plan and make decisions (clearing the backlogs, solving the workforce crisis, enabling integrated care). The old way of planning isn’t working - siloed, too top down and target-driven, technologies not fit for purpose, limited collaboration, overall negative experience for those involved.

To help with this serious issue, Arden & GEM (in partnership with Anaplan and Fidenda) are hosting a free event on 12 October in London (or virtual) titled 'Reimagining planning for the NHS'.

Building the blueprint for planning for the NHS
The event will discuss a better way to build the future for planning - no top down big system, recognise that one size doesn't fit all, think big start small. We will examine ways of working in other industries and from NHS planning pioneers, learning how to embrace planning technologies that are successfully used across all leading service and manufacturing organisations

Planning is everyone's business, so this event is designed for all roles (clinical, operations, human resources, finance, procurement) and all NHS organisations (ICSs, ICBs, providers and NHS England).

What to expect on the day:


If you would like to register the event (either face to face or virtual attendance) please reserve your free delegates badge by emailing agem.pmovpodprogramme@nhs.net