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Header image for the current page Recognition for National Vaccination System at the Health Business Awards 2021

Recognition for National Vaccination System at the Health Business Awards 2021

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The National Immunisation and Vaccination System (NIVS), developed by Arden & GEM’s Data and Systems team, has won the Healthcare IT category at this year’s Health Business Awards.

Taking place via a virtual ceremony on Thursday 9 December, the annual Health Business Awards celebrated the dedication of healthcare professionals over the past 12 months and recognised excellence within the NHS.

The Data and Systems team, part of Arden & GEM’s Business Intelligence Service, were winners in the Healthcare IT category for the NIVS application which provides a cost effective, clinically assured, interoperable solution for point of delivery data capture within the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

David O’Callaghan, Chief Data Officer at Arden & GEM said: “NIVS has played a key role in the safe and effective implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination programme and we are hugely honoured to receive this award. Rapidly mobilising this system last winter required close partnership working with the national programme team and hospital hubs and, as a result of that constructive collaboration, we now have an NHS developed system which has captured real time data for more than 10 million COVID vaccinations.”

The web-based application enables real time input on an individual basis to help ensure patient safety and data quality. Each day, validated and consolidated data is submitted to NHS Digital which then automatically updates GP records and the NHS COVID Pass. Not only does this ensure that up to date information about a patient is stored in one place, to maintain safety, it also informs ‘call and recall’ services to increase vaccine uptake.

Live reporting is available as a home screen dashboard within NIVS which allows users to monitor numbers vaccinated in the current day, previous day and a running total, by key cohorts. This information has proved vital for operational planning to ensure the correct capacity for administering second doses and boosters.

The Business Intelligence service was also commended in the Patient Data category for its bespoke segmentation model, SMITH.