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Header image for the current page Maintaining service delivery throughout the coronavirus epidemic

Maintaining service delivery throughout the coronavirus epidemic

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In these unprecedented times, Arden & GEM remains committed to delivering services while maintaining the safety of our staff, customers and stakeholders.

In line with national guidance, we have advised staff – wherever possible – to stop all non-essential travel and to work from home to delay the spread of COVID-19. Staff were well prepared for this eventuality, so we do not expect to see any change to our normal service delivery. Staff will continue to be available via mobile phone, email and video conferencing facilities. Our teams will maintain their regular, usual contact with customers throughout this time as we continue to deliver our services.

In addition to maintaining ‘business as usual’, we are also working flexibly with our customers to meet re-prioritisation requests and support delivery of their business-critical services.

Our staff are already using their skills and expertise in the fight against COVID-19:

Clearly these are challenging times, but we remain focused on delivering the same high-quality service to all our customers and being as flexible as possible, using our experience and resources to help in whatever way we can.


For more information about coronavirus, including advice for people at high risk, go to the NHS website.

If you think you have symptoms or may have been exposed to the virus, do not go to a GP, pharmacy or hospital.

Use NHS 111 online.