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Header image for the current page Join our cyber security webinar at HTN Now November

Join our cyber security webinar at HTN Now November

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Arden & GEM’s Head of Cyber Security, Tej Gudka, will be delivering a webinar for HTN, at 9am on Tuesday 8 November 2022, exploring the practical ways that healthcare organisations can support their staff to be aware and responsive to common cyber threats.

As the NHS increasingly relies on digital systems and technology to deliver services to patients, organisations are being faced with more complex risks from sophisticated hacking and cyber warfare.

Over one million people work for the NHS, many of whom will be involved in buying products and using systems that affect the security of our networks, which in turn impact patient safety. To minimise the risk of disruption or delay that can be caused by an attack on IT infrastructure, we must combine more robust systems with training and support for all NHS staff.

In this session, Tej will look at some of the practical ways that organisations can support their staff to be aware of and responsive to common cyber threats such as phishing emails and password hacking, as well as exploring the impact that the modern working environment – from large numbers of people working from home to buildings full of interconnected devices – has on cyber risk and how an open, honest and reflective culture can help reduce risk and its impact.

The webinar is taking place as part of HTN Now November, a two-day event to discuss, discover and learn the latest developments in health technology.

Find out more about the event, including how to register for tickets, here.