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Header image for the current page Genesis Innovation Programme - Exploring digital developments in the health and care sector

Genesis Innovation Programme - Exploring digital developments in the health and care sector

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On the 23 October 2023, Arden & GEM hosted an engaging and thought provoking-webinar to explore digital developments in the health and care sector. The event focused on the use of data, AI, digital transformation and establishing digital ecosystems.

This event was the launch of our exciting new initiative, the Genesis Innovation Programme, which is the start of a series of events organised over the next 12 months. The aim of the programme is to foster valuable cross-sector dialogues, bringing together influential speakers from various fields to share their insights and strategies for tackling common challenges that we could benefit from in the NHS both now and in the future.

Through these presentations and conversations, our aim is to introduce new and innovative concepts and ideas which help develop solutions and collaborations/ partnerships that can significantly impact on the healthcare sector both now and in the future.

The event was chaired by Terry Huff (Productivity Lead at Arden & GEM), who was joined by:

Supplementary to these talks we also have a recording from Andrew Knight, Data & Technology Thought Leader and Data Programme Director from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who discusses ‘Data in Property’.

A select audience of Arden & GEM staff and senior stakeholders from our clients attended the event. The session sparked a meaningful and engaging discussion and an opportunity for new approaches and relationships to develop within the NHS.

We hope to expand the learnings and knowledge from these events by providing access to the recordings to those who can benefit from these conversations. We plan on exploring new and dynamic topics in future events such as sustainability, public health, productivity and primary care with a focus on presenting to audiences from ICBs and Trusts. Our next event in January will look at environmental, social and economic challenges.

If you would like to find out more about the Genesis Innovation Programme, please contact Terry Huff at t.huff@nhs.net