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Finance Decision Support – SMART and flexible solutions

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As organisations and sectors look to innovate, transform or grow, the need to make decisions based on robust analysis and insight has never been greater.

As part of our Finance Services team, NHS Arden & GEM CSU’s highly skilled Finance Business Partners and Analysts, evaluate key business drivers that empower your senior management to make the best decisions through strong, value adding and strategic financial thinking.

Our service delivers an impartial analysis that challenges and validates assumptions, as well as delivering ‘what if’ scenario planning to explore the consequences of different decision alternatives.

Using this approach, our team was able to support Mid-Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) with a current analysis of cost control options and QIPP opportunities to inform robust decision making. We first undertook an initial financial analysis to investigate cost drivers, demand pressures and identify trends. The output was then used to facilitate a series of deep dive workshops in the three main pressure areas.

As a result, the CCGs now have a greater understanding of what is driving high cost increases and activity trends, a robust framework for cost containment and recommendations for achieving both budget and QIPP levels.

To find out more about our Finance Decision Support service, click here.