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Header image for the current page Consultancy framework success for Arden & GEM

Consultancy framework success for Arden & GEM

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NHS Arden & GEM has been successfully appointed to the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services Framework, known as Consult 18.

The framework has been established through a competitive tendering process run by NHS SBS to enable public sector organisations delivering healthcare to access quality, value for money consultancy services. Consult 18, which commenced on 03 July 2018, has an estimated value of up to £500m and will run for four years.

The framework, which covers the whole of the UK, is broken into ten lots. Arden & GEM has been successfully appointed in the nine lots it bid for covering: business consultancy, service development and transformation, innovation and research, IT, finance, HR, education, and ancillary consultancy services.

The award was based on Arden & GEM’s extensive experience of planning and managing large scale, complex programmes of change, and of working with direct healthcare providers including acute, mental health and ambulance trusts (most recently in support of the Global Digital Exemplar programme), community services and primary care.

“We are looking forward to sharing our proven approaches to delivering high quality, effective services with organisations accessing Consult 18. Our 900 staff, with a broad range of skills and experience in healthcare delivery, are committed to achieving best value for money for our clients and ultimately improving outcomes for patients”.

John Parkes, Arden & GEM’s Managing Director