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Commissioning Business Intelligence Virtual Conference

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Between 1-4pm on 6th October 2021, NHS England is delivering a virtual conference to bring together Business Intelligence/Analytical colleagues that support the NHS commissioning process.

The commissioning landscape of the NHS is changing; Integrated Care Boards and Partnerships will take responsibility for planning and commissioning services to meet the needs of their local populations, with the principle of system and organisational collaboration, not competition, at their heart. The business intelligence and analytical support required within the evolving commissioning environment will need to support collaboration, and facilitate commissioning based on outcomes which benefit patients.

This event has been organised with collaboration in mind. Attendees will hear from a range of speakers from national and local NHS organisations about the evolving data and analytics strategy and delivery in relation to ICS formation and will have the opportunity to take part in ‘region specific’ breakout sessions in order to discuss with local system colleagues how collaboration with respect to data and analytics might be encouraged across organisational boundaries.

This NHS England event is free for all NHS Business Intelligence/Analytics colleagues who support commissioning, registration is now live so please use the link below to book your place:

Commissioning Business Intelligence Event - 6th October 2021