Header image for the current page Arden & GEM appointed to run learning network for the Global Digital Exemplar programme

NHS Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit (Arden & GEM) has secured a contract with NHS England to develop and support a learning network across the Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme - the government’s initiative to create a network of world class organisations which support high quality care with digital technology.

The GDE programme focuses funding on those hospital and mental health trusts that already have a high degree of digital capability and capacity.

The network will be tasked with enabling information sharing and learning to be transferred between the sites and across the wider health system; improving efficiency, productivity, and quality through optimising working practices.

Working in partnership with the Oxford Academic Health Science Network, Arden & GEM will be responsible for the initial setup, leadership and facilitation of a learning network across the sites involved in the GDE programme.

Arden & GEM will coproduce the network in partnership with all stakeholders, establishing a common purpose and shared benefits to ensure buy-in from all participants from the outset. This project builds on Arden & GEM’s current role undertaking the baseline evaluation for the GDE programme, in partnership with Optimity and Oxford AHSN.

"Supporting high quality care with digital technology is at the heart of the Global Digital Exemplar programme, and the learning network we are creating has a crucial role to play in delivering that ambition. We have already established a strong relationship with all the current GDE sites, giving us an excellent starting point in developing a network which can rapidly share insight.

 “We are delighted to be working with NHS England and the Oxford AHSN on such an exciting project.”

Wendy Lane, Director of Consultancy Services at Arden & GEM


The contract begins in March 2017 and runs for the first 12 months of the GDE programme, with the principal aim being to enable the dissemination and sharing of existing, new and future learning.