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Header image for the current page Advanced data modelling supports national COVID-19 decision making

Advanced data modelling supports national COVID-19 decision making

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The need for timely and accurate population intelligence has never been greater.

As the health and care system continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, a constant flow of information and analysis, to inform policy development and decision-making, is required.

As the developer and host of both the National Commissioning Data Repository (NCDR) and – in partnership with Outcomes Based Healthcare and NHS England and Improvement – the Bridges to Health National Population Segmentation Model, Arden & GEM has the unique ability to quickly generate bespoke datasets at a population level.

By linking these datasets with wider sources, such as the deprivation index, geodemographic segmentation and residential data, we have rapidly built risk and probability models to inform national policy decisions, particularly around vulnerable patients.

As a wealth of small-scale academic studies are published to consider the impact of clinical conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, and socio-demographic factors, such as deprivation and ethnicity, on COVID-19 infection and mortality rates, our advanced analytics unit is able to replicate the method at a population level for 62 million patients. By corroborating findings and deriving new intelligence, we present results in a user-friendly format to enhance robust decision-making.

Our multivariate models are being used at national and regional level to inform policy decision and to aid in the restoration and recovery of services.

Any system or organisation interested in finding out more about how our analytical and modelling capability can support their regional or local COVID-19 response and recovery planning, can contact us on contact.ardengem@nhs.net.