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Header image for the current page A systems approach to enhancing value and outcomes in healthcare

A systems approach to enhancing value and outcomes in healthcare

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In their 2021 research, Komashie et al.1 conducted an extensive analysis across more than 35 studies.

They discovered a robust correlation between adopting a systems approach to healthcare improvement and achieving significant enhancements in both service outcomes and patient outcomes.

Definition of a systems approach to healthcare improvement: A systems approach to healthcare improvement acknowledges the intricate interplay of various elements that impact desired outcomes. It emphasises holistic processes and tools to address health delivery challenges effectively. (Clarkson et al.2)

Over the past two decades, the NHS has actively promoted the adoption of improvement methodologies. Initiatives like NHS Impact and Improvement Academies have introduced methods such as PDSA, Lean, Process Redesign and SEIPS (Structure-Process-Outcome). The evidence consistently supports the positive impact of these approaches on service quality and patient outcomes.

However, there seems to be a disparity when it comes to systematised resource planning and management. To align resource management with the core improvement approach, we should:

By integrating quality improvement, productivity and planning, we can create a cohesive culture for improvement. Applying this approach through an intelligent planning and resource management system will further enhance outcomes and quality.

You can find out more about our approach to integrated planning and resource management here.

1Komashie A, Ward J, Bashford T, et al. Systems approach to health service design, delivery and improvement: a systematic review and meta-analysis, BMJ Vol 11-1, Jan 2021. https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/11/1/e037667

2Clarkson PJ, Bogle D, Dean J. Engineering Better Care: A Systems Approach to Health and Care Design and Continuous Improvement, 2017. https://www.eng.cam.ac.uk/uploads/news/files/engineering-better-care-report-web-3mb-20170922.pdf