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NHS Complaints Management and Handling

Our complaints management services provide short and long-term solutions for customers who want to manage a backlog of complaints, improve or build in-house provision.

Our ISO accredited service provides access to experienced specialists, we offer a wide range of support from temporary operational assistance and call centre training, to auditing and creation of fully compliant complaint services.

We take the pressure off managing complaints by listening to your needs, understanding your current service and, where appropriate, making recommendations to deliver an accurate, timely, reliable and compliant complaints handling.

We bring:

  • Access to a team of experienced clinical and non-clinical professionals who work collaboratively with you to deliver tailored solutions.
  • Detailed knowledge of best practice and Department of Health and Social Care/NHS England policy, guidance and ICB/provider regulations.
  • Temporary operational resources to manage specific peaks in demand and reduce a backlog of complaints.
  • Expertise to create, build and maintain a new complaints management service.
  • Strategic support which reviews your current systems and processes and where appropriate:
    • Recommends new procedures using specialist tool kits
    • Assists the implementation of new procedures
    • Creates a complaints policy.
  • Training for call centre staff, including:
    • How to remain compliant and operate within NHS guidelines
    • Handling different types of callers
    • Responding to complaints effectively
    • Documenting complaints in line with regulations
    • Turning a complaint into a compliment
    • Identifying which complaints to manage and which ones should be referred to the provider.
  • Assisting with the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) mandatory requirements to upload data for Hospital and Community Health Services Complaints Collection (KO41a) via NHS Digital.
  • Providing senior managers with an analytical view of the complaint service; triangulating key themes and trends, and identifying learning which can be shared with stakeholders to pin point issues and improve services.
  • An auditing service which checks whether actions that were promised were effectively delivered.


Our Complaints management service provides an experienced additional resource option, giving you peace of mind that your complaints are being managed efficiently, effectively, within regulations and importantly to the correct resolution.

As well as ensuring clients fully meet their statutory responsibilities, our services have also enabled customers to achieve a fall in complaints and an increase in compliments as intelligent reporting and monitoring helps to improve their service.


If you’d like to find out more about Complaints Management, please contact us here: